How To Use A Feather Bed? 6 Adorable Tips To Follow!

If you want to have a plush bed like those in hotels.

Then, you must know how to use a feather bed.

how to use a feather bed

Having a feather bed will feel like sleeping in a bag of clouds.

It will extremely comfortable to sleep on it that it would be hard to leave your bed.

But of course, you can only enjoy this if you aren’t allergic.

Featherbeds are quite expensive than typical beds.

This is why you need to know how to use them properly so that they will last.


Tips To Use A Feather Bed

Typically, the lifetime of feather beds ranges between eight up to ten years.

It can even last for a maximum of twelve years with proper care and maintenance.

So, how to use a feather bed?

Below are the tips to remember in keeping your feather bed in a good condition.


Tip #1. Using a bed protector made of feather

A bed protector that is also made of a feather will be very helpful in saving you from too much hassle and money.

You protect your pillows with pillow protectors or pillowcases, and comforters with duvet covers.

The same thing must be applied with a feather bed.

You must also protect it with a bed protector.

This will help in keeping clean as good bugs and dust mites out of your bed.

One of the most common reasons for the wear and tear of a feather bed is laundering it.

As such, it will last longer if you refrain from washing it as possible.

Furthermore, bugs and dust mites might also breed inside your feather bed along with any other types of havoc.

So it must also be your priority to keep them out.


Tip #2. Proper laundering

You would need to wash the feather bed at least once a year.

It is not possible to do this at home using just the typical washing machine.

Instead, you will need to bring it for professional laundry service and dry cleaner.

Believe me, you must not try washing your feather bed at home.

However, it will cost you much to have it professionally cleaned.

Plus, the fact that you will be facing hassle in taking it to the laundry services and pick it up afterward.

That is why it is mentioned earlier that using a bed protector can save you from expenses and hassle.

In case the bed’s outer cover has some stains.

You can just spot it clean with the use of a damp cloth.

Also, stain remover you would also use in cleaning the bedding.

The point is to avoid washing the bed as much as possible.


Tip #3. Drying it properly

Ensure to dry the bed properly when you launder or spot cleaned it.

Remember that damp feathers can easily develop molds so allow it to fully dry before you place it back.


Tip #4. Flip and rotate often

Worn-out beds usually have the same wear patterns.

Most of them are concentrated on the pressure points of the body including heels, butt, and shoulders.

So to make sure that the feather bed will evenly wear out.

You need to rotate and flip it often.

Ideally, you need to do so every time the sheets are laundered.


Tip #5. Covering the bed with a mattress pad

The mattress pad will serve as an extra layer of comfort and protection for your bed.

Remember that feathers tend to break down through time when compressed.

But if you cover the bed with a mattress pad.

The load of the feather bed will be reduced thereby extending the life of the bed.


Tip #6. Repair the bed

Most often than not, a feather bed has box stitch patterns.

This keeps the fill material distributed evenly.

In case you have noticed that some squares are already flat or if their feathers leak out.

You just have to repair it rather than replacing your bed.

It is quite simple to repair a feather bed.

You just need to be equipped with basic skills in sewing.

In repairing the bed, you do not have to fill the entire bed, only those individual boxes that have damage.

Replacement feather fill can be purchased in small increments for as tiny as one pound.

That can replace two up to four squares of an average feather bed.

But this of course will depend on the box size and actual model of the bed.


It’s A Wrap!

If you follow the tips above on how to use a feather bed.

You will be able to extend the life span of your bed.

As mentioned earlier maintaining the bed properly will make it last for up to 10 years or more.

A feather bed is quite pricey, so you make good use of it for long so that your investment won’t be a waste.

Aside from the tips we discussed earlier.

Also, take note that you should not abuse nor compress your feather bed.

Keeping those in mind will prolong the nights of you sleeping in a bed like clouds.

This will give your body the rest and relaxation it deserves.

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