How To Upholster A Wooden Chair: 7 Easy Steps For Renewal

Knowing how to upholster a wooden chair will surely save your home’s aesthetic. With seven easy steps and a few tools, you’re ready to upholster your chair!

This action not only gives comfort to those who will sit on it, but it will also fix the color and design combinations that you have in your living and kitchen area.

how to upholster a wooden chair


Why Do People Reupholster Chairs?

People have many reasons why they upholster chairs. Some seek change in the style that their house aesthetic has.

Others want to preserve the furniture that they inherited for sentimental reasons. These are just a few of why people reupholster their chairs, but providing comfort never left the topic.

While some are willing to pay to complement the style of their dining table or other areas in the house, some will avoid the feel of hardwood. You may have also known others that reupholstered the wooden chairs that they got from a garage sale.


What is the best fabric for upholstering?

The fabric you will use for reupholstering your chair needs to stand up to whatever you intend to use the chair. For furniture that undergoes a moderate amount of wear, use less durable fabrics. On the other hand, you must use durable materials to prevent damage and stains for those used daily and receive heavy wear and tear.


Is it worth reupholstering chairs?

Although reupholstering chairs means that you won’t be throwing away your furniture, it may not be the best choice if we are talking financially. A chair cushion may cost $150 or less, and you may not be able to look for a replacement for the entire chair with that amount.

Re-padding and repairing the said chair would make it more expensive, raising the price to more than $1,500. You must decide if you will continue to reupholster, or if buying a new chair would be cheaper.


Things to consider before reupholstering


1. Age of the chair

Is your chair regularly used? Is it older than you?

Chairs that lasted for a few years may still have the chance of having sturdy parts. If so, you may consider reupholstering to continue using the said chair if you do not wish to buy a new one.


2. Sturdiness of the frame

Check if the frame is sturdy and solid. Know what kind of wood it’s made out of, such as hardwood.

Most of the time, manufacturers make use of hardwood for their furniture pieces, especially those that are high-quality. The joints are attached using glue or screws and dowels.


3 How much you like the design

Do you own a unique piece of furniture and can’t find its style in a store? You may reupholster the said furniture if you want to keep the style.


4. Sentimental piece

Do you have inherited furniture that you do not want to go to waste? Re-upholstering will make these family heirlooms good as new, and you wouldn’t need to throw them away!


Easy Step-By-Step Guide On Upholstering Your Wooden Chair

Prepare the following tools and materials before you start upholstering your wooden chair:

  • Staple gun
  • Chair seat
  • Scissors
  • Upholstery foam
  • Upholstery webbing
  • 2 variants of fabric
  • Upholstery batting

Step #1. Ask for someone who can help you if this is your first time upholstering your chair. Have them assist you until you get the basics of upholstering.

Step #2. Take your upholstery webbing and fold one end of it. Secure it to one-half of the wooden frame of your chair with a staple gun. It must reach the other end of the frame.

Cut it, and fold the back just like what you did to the other one, and staple it in place. You must have four strips of webbing, 2 of which are perpendicular to the other pair.

Step #3. Cut a piece of fabric to about 2 centimeters more prominent than the wooden frame. Place the material on the edge, and keep in mind to fold the ends before stapling it onto the frame. Put some upholstery batting in the middle of the fabric.

Step #4. Cut a square of upholstering foam, 2 centimeters bigger than your seat. Place it on top of the batting and attach the sides of it to the wooden frame.

Step #5. Take the fabric that you want your seat cover to be. It should be big enough to cover the foam and arrive at the bottom part of the frame.

Step #6. Once attached, pull the corners of the fabric as tight as you can and staple it.

Step #7. Have another fabric and cut it 2 centimeters more extensive than the frame. Use this to cover the hole in the bottom part of the seat.



You now have a reupholstered chair! Congratulations on following the steps on how to upholster a wooden chair correctly.

Remember to decide properly on whether you will reupholster a chair or not since this is quite an expensive choice. If you have substitute materials for the ones that are a bit expensive, you may save more money.

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