How To Unstack The Washer And Dryer? 9 Easy Steps!

You must be confused about how to unstack the washer and dryer? Are you shifting to a new place or want to do repairs behind the washer. In either case, you will have to move the washer and the dryer. You do not have to worry. We’ll walk you through the process of unstacking the washer and dryer in this article.

Typically, the washer and dryer are stacked in small apartments in the kitchen to save space. Stacking up the washer and dryer makes extra space for the other things and is preferred by many. The use of a front load washer has many benefits including, less use of water.

how to unstack the washer and dryer

In addition, the stackable washer and dryer give advantages to people with back problems. So, they can take out the laundry from the dryer while standing straight instead of bending. However, unstacking the dryer and washer can be challenging. You can unstack it with the help of a friend or a family member. You can call for professional help in case you are not able to do it. There is so much more to learn, so read further!


Steps To Unstack Washer and Dryer 

So, how to unstack the washer and dryer? Below are the nine steps to assist you to unstack the washer and dryer:


Step #1. Plug off the appliance 

To unstack the washer and dryer, first, you will have to turn off the washer and the dryer and make sure to remove the plug. The stack must be switched off in case there is a water leak electric current cannot spread. Tape the wires of both the washer and dryer on the top side that they are not in your way. Never forget this step! 


Step #2. Switch off the gas supply line on the wall 

You must turn off all the supply lines from both: the washer and the dryer. Since we have to lift off the dryer first, turn the gas knob clockwise at a ninety-degree angle to switch off the supply. Typically, the gas valve is on the wall near the washer. Then remove the dryer vent tube from the wall. 


Step #3. Pull the stack away from the wall 

The next step is to pull the stacked setup away from the wall. Before lifting off the washer, you will have to remove the gas supply pipe from behind the dryer as well. For this, you will have to create enough space to go behind the stack. Typically, the dryer and washer stack is pulled twelve inches away from the wall.

Open the door of the front load washer and grab the washer drum tightly. Then slowly start moving the stack towards yourself. Do it carefully by pulling it a few inches from each side. You can make this task easier by pouring some lubricants on the floor. Please refrain from using the water.  Read how to install a stackable washer or dryer


Step #4. Switch off the gas supply line on the dryer 

You will find the gas hose on the back of the dryer. Now, using a wrench, loosen the gas valve from the dryer. When the valve is not too tight, you can remove the pipe simply by rotating the valve in an anticlockwise direction through your hands. Then detach the dryer vent from the rear of the dryer. Finally, ensure that you remove each supply pipe from the wall and the dryer. 


Step #5. Unscrew the dryer from the washer 

The dryer is firmly attached to the washer via a stackable kit. These dryer feet are screwed tightly onto the top of the washer through a metal plate between them. To separate them, you will have to unscrew that metal plate. You can easily slide off the metal plate once you have removed the screws from it. 


Step #6. Place a piece of cloth 

Before putting it down, place a piece of cloth or large cardboard piece near the stackable. So, when you place the dryer, it will not cause damage to the floor. 


Step #7. Liftoff the dryer 

Now we will lift off the dryer from the top of the washer. Again, you might need help from someone to pick it up and place it down on the floor. 


Step #8. Disconnect the washer 

Now the dryer is separated from the washer. If you plan to relocate both the washer and dryer, You’ll need to disconnect the water supply and drain hoses. There are three valves located at the rear of the washer. Two are for clean water supply and, one is for drainage. The clean water supply hoses are marked red and blue. However, the drain hose is Grey.

Turn off the valves on the back of the washer in a clockwise direction to stop the water supply and the drainage. You can spot the other end of the hoses on the wall. Turn off the fresh water supply knobs using the wrench and remove the hoses. Then pull out the drain hose from the standpipe. You have now disconnected the washer as well. 


Step #9. Remove the stackable kit 

Unscrew the stackable kit from the top of the washer. These are stackable metal plates that can be used again. You may want to read about the ways to clear a clogged waste pipe


It’s A Wrap! 

So, how to unstack the washer and dryer? At this point, you must have an unstacked dryer and a washer. If you cannot separate the washer and dryer, take help from someone, or you can call a plumber to help you. But remember safety, is the priority. So, plug off the appliance before you begin, and do not pull or carry the dryer if you have back issues. Also, read about where to buy apartment-size washer and dryer and how to use a washer.

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