How To Unlock The Whirlpool Lock Washer? 6 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to unlock the Whirlpool lock washer? Well, my friends, you can simply open your washer by removing the top panel.

For this purpose, you just loosen the nuts at the back of the panel and then put off the panel to unlock the Whirlpool washer by hand. 

how to unlock the Whirlpool lock washer

After that, I disconnected the washer, pushed it down a little, and carefully opened the washer door lock by pulling a little knob on the top of the locked door. Yes, my friends, by doing this, you can easily unlock your Whirlpool lock washer. But this is not enough to do this. So, for the complete information, you have remained in touch with this article. Let’s start!


Steps To Unlock The Whirlpool Lock Washer

Wondering about how to unlock the Whirlpool lock washer? Well, in this paragraph, we will give you an answer to this question. 


Step #1. Unplug the washer

If your Whirlpool washer was locked, and you want to unlock this, then the first thing you have to do is hold and press this unlock button for 3-5 seconds. When your wash cycle is going to end, then press this button for a few seconds. The status light for control locked illuminates. When the internal electronic diagnostics detect a control lock on, the Whirlpool washer shows a loc error code. On the control panel of the duet washer, look for the unlock/control button. Remove the Whirlpool washer from the socket and disconnect it. Hold the button down for a few seconds. 


Step #2. Release the unlock/control lock button

When you notice that the lock error is not appearing on the screen, release the unlock/control lock button.  Hold the unlock/control lock button for 3 seconds. When you unplug your washer, start a new cycle after half a minute to check whether the loc error vanishes or not. Again press the unlock/control lock button for 3-5 seconds to check the loc error. If there is a clog, you will have to empty it physically. See the button on the base of the washer on the right side. 


Step #3. Reset your washer

You can reset the Whirlpool washer lock control to unlock the washer.  To open a washer, wait for the end of the wash cycle for 3-5 minutes, and then reset it to eliminate the loc error. You may also want to read about how do I reset my Maytag washer and how to reset the Kenmore washer.


Step #4. Bypass a magnet

Your Whirlpool lock duet washer was unable to unlock after doing the steps as mentioned above? You can use a strong bar magnet to access the lid; if the lock on your Whirlpool top-load washer won’t unlock. Just on the panel, look for the control lock/unlock button. Between both the control panel and the switch, place a strong bar magnet. For 3-5 seconds, hold on to the unlock/control button when the control lock light turns off, press and retain the wash cycle signal button at the end. By using the magnet, you can easily unlock your Whirlpool washer or simply eliminate the loc error from it.


Step #5. Replace the control board

Unlock a Whirlpool duet washer’s controls. On your duet’s control panel, look for the unlock/control button. Finally, there’s a chance that when you close the door, and the cycle is over, you are unable to open the washer. If your washer is not added into diagnostic status, it’s better to replace the central board. Once your machine enters into the diagnostic status, it is straightforward to unlock it. Remember that even a drop of water in the washer tub on the front load washer makes it challenging to open the washer. So you can notice that. The loc error did not appear on the washer screen once you started an empty cycle to drain the water. As the loc error vanishes, release the unlock button. Know how to remove the control panel from the Whirlpool duet sport.


Step #6. By removing the control panel

Again press and retain the end of the wash cycle for just 3 seconds till the control lock light shuts off to unlock the rules. For this step, your Whirlpool washer must be without laundry, and you should turn the power off.  Unplug the top control panel by pressing in the locking tabs or unscrewing the nuts that hold it in place. As soon as, loc error disappears on the washer screen, stop pressing the unlock button. Just at the bottom of the top panel, look for the top lock button. Next, draw the water from the water by using the spin/drain cycle. Finally, you can listen to the unscrewing noise, and the washer door will unlock once you feel it. However, don’t worry; there is no need to be alarmed. Your washer was saved, and the door has been opened. 


It’s A Wrap!

After reading this entire post, sure, you all know how to unlock the Whirlpool lock washer. However, there are different steps, which are used in opening the washer door. To unlock your washer door, you have to follow these steps. It is easy to unlock the washer door, but call a professional if you find it difficult. Thank you, friends, for being with us! You may also want to read about how much is Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer and what does F28 means on Whirlpool washer.

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