How To Unlock A Samsung Washer? 4 Surprising Reasons And Solutions!

Do you know how to unlock a Samsung washer? In order to unlock the door of the Samsung washer, you must wait for the wash to complete.

This being said, you can try unlocking the washer door or turning on your washer if it’s turned off.

how to unlock a Samsung washer

My friends, if the washer is locked, don’t worry; you can use the safety drain hose to draw the water from the washer; after the water has evaporated, the washer lid is opened automatically. There are also many reasons due to which the Samsung washer was locked. My friends, we have mentioned the fantastic tips to unlock the washer. Just read this article to know the common problems with the Samsung washer door that won’t unlock. Let us start the topic!


When And How You Unlock A Samsung Washer

The most common causes and solutions for your Samsung washer top not unlocking after the wash cycle are listed below.  For sure, you will find the answer on how to unlock a Samsung washer; you’ll learn about these things in detail. Here are the following:


#1. Door lock 

You are using a Samsung washer and washer door. Locking your Samsung washer keeps the door closed while the machine is running. The washer won’t start running until the door is shut correctly. If the door lock part on your washer is broken, the door will not latch correctly, exposing you that your Samsung’s washer door will not unlock due to this trouble. 

There are many reasons for the failure of the door lock. The washer door may be locked because of your own mistake, maybe you have damaged your washer door, or it is broken from nay corner that’s why it is not unlocked. Also, due to the failure of any electrical component of a machine, maybe the motor is not appropriately run or many other reasons. But don’t be panicked; the best thing that you must do is to change all the damaged parts of the washer, due to which the Samsung washer won’t unlock. Samsung washer door locks can be replaced by bypassing a Samsung washer door lock power switch. By changing the washer lid lock switch, you can unlock the washer. 


#2. Child lock

To avoid being opened during a cycle, washing machines are intended to lock when not in use, especially the child lock. A lack of electricity makes your washer shut, leaving the door closed and the washer complete. In most circumstances, the equipment will need to be reset for 30 minutes. Lock before starting a new cycle. A reset will usually solve the problem and return the system to default.

There is a child lock button in most washers, and you can become active in this mode simply by pressing this button. When your washer is operating, don’t try to choose this mode and open the door.  The display tells you how to deactivate and activate the child lock by displaying instructions in most circumstances. To deactivate the child lock, just hold and press the Soil Level/ Spin buttons for five seconds to disable the lock. The light for “Child Lock” will turn off. Press and hold the Soil Level/Spin buttons for three seconds to activate the child lock. Then, the “Child Lock” light comes on.


#3. Power outage

Even if power is supplied after a power loss, the washing machine may be locked. But then, you can unlock it by replacing and resetting the fuse or circuit breakers if needed. Check to see if the power supply is connected as well. By replacing the new fuse, you will be able to unlock the washer. Sometimes damaged breakers and burnt washers cause the washer to be locked, and just by changing this, you can fix this issue. Know more about Samsung washing machines

#4. Drain the emergency hose

When the washing is complete, and you detect water within the washer, in this case, front-load Samsung washing machines lock the door to prevent it from overflowing onto your floor. The pump filter, known as a dirty filter,  is where you’ll find the emergency water drain hose. A pump filter and an emergency drain line are not included in versions of earlier front load washing machines. You can clean the pump filter simply by emptying your washer tub with clothes and water. After that unplugged, the washer disconnected it from the power socket.

Next, turn the washer off and on until there is no more water flowing out of the emergency drain hose. After that, press the start button on the washer, reconnect the washer, and turn on the washing machine. After doing all these steps, you will be able to unlock the Samsung washer door. Once the water is drawn from the pipes, the machine opens automatically. My friends, you may also be interested to read about how to install washer drain hose


It’s A Wrap!

Thank you, friends, for keeping in touch with us at the end. Reading This article is just fun for you, and we hope that after reading this, you will be able to learn all about how to unlock a Samsung washer. Not only this, but you also understand the cause why your washer is locked; as you can see, there are many cases when your washer is locked, like child lock, power outage, and door lock. Don’t panic if your washer is locked; everything has a solution, and I just gave you a few. You may also read this article: what does DC mean on Samsung washer

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