How to Unlock a Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller? 3 Easy Steps

If you are looking for a way to make your Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller more versatile, then unlocking the wheels might just be the answer! This can give you increased mobility and manoeuvrability. In this blog post, we will discuss how to unlock a Chicco Keyfit caddy stroller in just three easy steps.

Steps on How to Unlock a Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller

Step One: Locate the red release lever on the backside of your Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller. This is located between where you would rest your feet when using it as a traditional stroller or grocery cart. The location and shape will look similar to that of a bicycle wheel quick-release mechanism, but much smaller in size.

How to Unlock a Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller

Step Two: Push down lightly with one hand at an angle towards the ground while pulling up slightly on the handlebars for leverage with your other hand until you hear/feel an audible click indicating that both rear wheels are unlocked from their locked position.

Repeat if necessary until all four rear locks have been disengaged (two per side). At this point, you should be able to easily pull the front wheels and swivel them into a free-rolling position.

Step Three: Pull-on both sidebars (the same ones you use for locking) until one or both pop out of their locked location, which will allow your stroller frame to collapse down flat.

Finish by pulling up slightly on the handlebars again to turn the rear wheel locks back towards each other so they are parallel with one another instead of at an angle as shown below.

To lock your Chicco KeyFit caddy stroller back up, simply follow Steps One through Four above but reverse direction when it comes time to engage/re-engage the rear locks.

As mentioned earlier, please be careful when folding your stroller as the frame is made of steel rather than aluminium and may cause injury if you are not cautious.

Be sure to always make use of both sidebars to lock your stroller back up, just like with the rear locks. Repeat this process for each wheel before pushing/rolling on any uneven surface whatsoever.


How To Open a Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller

Step One: Release both side locks. The left lock is located on the front wheel and should be released first before moving onto the right-hand lock which can only be found on the rear wheel of your stroller.

Step Two: Fold down or “drop” all four wheels away from you so that they are facing directly to your back. This will create a square shape with each one of them in place, thus allowing for easier folding/unfolding when necessary.

Step Three: Grab hold of either sidebar above where it connects with each respective tire (left bar connected to left tire; right bar connected to right tire). Using almost no force at all, pull outward while at the same time pushing downward.

Step Four: Once you have done this, take each of your hands and gently place them on top of one another to create a single point that will allow for easier folding.

Step Five: While holding these two points together, slowly fold upward (or “roll-up”) so that it forms into what looks like an average umbrella shape.

As long as you follow all five steps in order, then un-folding/unlocking should not prove to be difficult either! In fact, many parents agree that they can complete this task with little effort or frustration.   This is because most Chicco strollers feature automatic locks which can lock/release with the simple push of a button.


What is the difference between Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit 30?

What are the dimensions of a Chicco KeyFit caddy stroller?

Chicco’s latest model announced at ABC Kids Expo in October 2014 and available since December 2014 is called the “Keyfit Caddy Stroller”. This product has been designed to attach to most infant car seats with a base specifically made by Chicco. It also comes equipped with an extendable canopy for maximum sun protection as well as storage compartments on each side of the frame that can hold items such as shopping bags or baby supplies.

While it shares many features from previous models, there are some differences between this new design and those released previously.

For example, while older models have featured fixed wheels that do not allow for swivelling, the new model has moving wheels that allow for easier manoeuvrability and flexibility.


How to collapse the Baby Jogger City Mini GT

You will find that collapsing the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is comparably simple to folding it. Firstly, ensure that you have unlocked both of its wheels. To accomplish this task, lift on the brake levers located underneath each of the two front tires and push them down simultaneously while pulling upwards on your stroller’s handlebars.

If done in a swift motion, there should be enough force to collapse all three components at once into one single unit. Ensure that when you are pushing or carrying your folded baby jogger city mini gt around by its mainframe, not by any other component such as an extendable sunshade (if applicable) because doing may cause damage to those components

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