How To Unfreeze A Sewing Machine: 3 Easy Fixes

If you want to know how to unfreeze a sewing machine, there are three solutions. We will teach you which to check and what’s the common cause of a frozen sewing machine. We’ll also fix a jammed sewing machine where the solutions are not as complicated as the three. 

But before you proceed, please read how to set up a sewing machine. It will help you avoid such issues if you understand the proper usage of the machine. 

how to unfreeze a sewing machine


How Do You Fix A Sewing Machine That Will Not Move?


Clean the sewing machine

The most common issue why a sewing machine freezes are because of debris and lint buildup. Make it a habit to inspect your sewing machine thoroughly and brush off the threads, dust, debris, and lint that got stuck all over the cracks and crevices. Just be gentle in brushing certain areas of the sewing machine because you might accidentally remove some parts in the process. 

If you are dealing with crystallized debris, an easy way to clean them off is with an air compressor. Afterward, you can lubricate and test the sewing machine if it will move again. Here is a guide on how to oil a sewing machine if you don’t know it yet. 


Check the bobbin

Why is my sewing machine stuck even if it’s clean? Another way to unfreeze your sewing machine is by checking the bobbin area. You only need to take it out, including the carrier and hook assembly. 

From there, try turning the sewing machine’s wheel because if it does, then you need to clean the parts you removed. A helpful tip is also to check all the parts of your sewing machine that bind. Then, you can return the bobbin and the other pieces you’ve removed. 

If you have a specific sewing machine model such as Brother, feel free to check how to use a Brother sewing machine to be familiar with the bobbin and other parts. 


Check the metal parts

Suppose your sewing machine is still frozen after checking the bobbin and giving the overall unit a cleaning. In that case, you have to inspect the other areas, such as its drive mechanisms, pulleys, and tensioners. You only need to clean them because they’re the areas of the sewing machine with metal parts that rub against each other. 

Therefore, they’re also prone to collecting dirt and lint over time. Note that oiling the sewing machine means that you also need to clean off the old grease that can eventually accumulate. You must refer to your sewing machine’s manual for the proper cleaning methods because trickier debris and parts may require solvents or even heat.


How Do You Fix A Jammed Sewing Machine That Is Stuck?

Your sewing machine can get jammed and stuck, but fixing it is straightforward. You don’t need to clean or check various areas to restore it, but instead, here are what you can do to unjam a sewing machine:


Cut the threads

A sewing machine can get jammed because of threads. To fix this, switch off the sewing machine and lift the needle off the fabric. Then, find the thread and cut it before tugging it away or cut the threads if you can’t pull them off. 


Reassemble the sewing machine

The sewing machine should no longer be stuck after you cut the threads, but if it’s still jammed, try the bobbin area. The thread on the bobbin might have gotten tangled or poorly placed. Correct and reassemble the bobbin of your sewing machine, and it should no longer be jammed.


What Causes A Sewing Machine To Lock Up?

In general, poor maintenance is the leading reason why your sewing machine gets locked up stuck. In addition, the sewing machine can get frozen if it collects dust, dirt, and lint as time passes. They might even crystallize and become harder to remove. 

But besides neglect, your sewing machine can also get jammed if there are issues with its parts. For example, your bobbin and hook assembly may be broken, or the other elements that rub against each other. Therefore, you must inspect your machine thoroughly before doing anything to attempt to fix it.  


Why Can’t I Turn The Wheel On My Sewing Machine?

If you can’t turn the wheel on your sewing machine even if it’s clean and free of debris, the issue might be tension on the upper thread. Tangled threads underneath the fabric are not only fixable with the bobbin because this problem that jams the sewing machine’s wheel can also be solved by re-threading the needle. 


Why Is My Sewing Needle Stuck?

The most common reason why a sewing needle gets stuck is improper installation. Always check if you inserted it correctly, which means the direction is correct, and you’ve also inserted it all the way. 



Was this article helpful? To recap how to unfreeze a sewing machine, you only need to clean it thoroughly, check the bobbin, and then the metal parts. Jammed sewing machines may also be from threads that you need to cut off. 

We hope this guide solved your problem, but if you have a specific brand such as Pfaff, you might benefit from knowing how to service a Pfaff sewing machine since some people own older models. 


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