How to Turn Your Salon Chair Into a Swivel Chair

A salon chair is a piece of furniture that has been used in salons since the early 20th century. It’s an important part of how many people get their hair cut, coloured, and styled each day.

The most common type of salon chair comes with a high back and armrests on either side for comfort. This blog post will show how to turn your traditional salon chair into a swivel chair which offers more flexibility than a standard one!


Steps in Converting A Salon Chair into Swivel Chair

Step 1. Locate the area that attaches to your current chair. This is typically a bar that goes across the back of the bench and connects in both ends on either side of it. You may need help from another person for this step, or use an extra set of hands with clamps (clamps are often used during furniture construction).

Step 2. To make the chair swivel, you’ll need to attach a rod across the back of your salon bench and connect it to both ends. It’s recommended that this rod be made from circular steel pipe for durability or aluminium square tubing which is easier to paint.

Step 3. Now measure how high up on the front crossbar you want your seat height to be (generally two inches below where one would sit) and drill clearance holes through each end of the metal at those heights.

The goal here is so when you spin in either direction, there will not be any obstruction by legs or knees hitting anything along the way because they are outstretched behind them while seated.

Step 4. Place clamps onto threaded bolts that fit into these drilled holes. Now take a saw and cut off the two bolts so they stick out of both ends, about an inch or so.

Step 5. Screw on the seat brackets you purchased with these protruding bolts sticking through them and tighten up in a place by securing to your chair frame’s crossbars.


How to Add Hydraulic Fluid to a Salon Chair

We will be walking you through how to add hydraulic fluid to your salon chair. The most important thing is safety when working with any type of heavy machinery like a salon chair or equipment.

Always make sure the area has been cleared and that there are no children around who could get hurt in case of an accident. You should also wear gloves for protection when handling toxic substances such as oil.

Choose a small container, preferably one which is made out of metal so that it does not break easily once full then fill it with oil. If you do not have a container of this type, then use any sturdy plastic or glass jar to fill the gap instead.

Add just enough oil so that it can cover the blade which is located at the bottom and top of your chair’s wheels when you add more, it should be able to easily move up and down without spilling out on either side.

Make sure both sides are well lubricated before reassembling them together; if they need a little extra help, try using white lithium grease for an additional measure against corrosion from saltwater or wintertime deicing chemicals. Once all four wheels are back in place, remove excess oils by wiping off moistened surfaces as much as possible preferably with a damp cloth.

Reassemble your chair by adding the front and back legs to their respective sides.


How to Make Barber Swivel Chair Higher

To make your chair higher, you need to buy an extension for the back legs. The extensions are usually in different heights and can often be purchased at a local hardware store.

The barber swivel chairs we sell come with a standard height of 34 inches from the floor up to where the seat meets its base – however, if you’re not satisfied with how high or low that is, there are ways how to change that!

You will see four screw holes on each side of your chair: two on either bottom rail; these screws hold the front leg pieces onto the rails so they don’t slide out when someone sits down in them. You’ll also see one hole near where the back leg meets the seat; this hole should be used when you want to attach an extension.


How to Clean Salon Swivel Chair

The most important thing to remember about swivel chairs is to make sure you’re polishing all of the surfaces.

It’s also a good idea to use an upholstery cleaner once every couple of weeks, and if there are stains or spills on your fabric, it can be helpful with a little spot remover too!

If you need more deep cleaning than that – say for pet hair or other heavier soiling – we recommend contacting one of our salon professionals at Harts Salon nationwide.

They’ll know what products and techniques best work in your area so they can give you advice tailored just for your salon. That way, not only will you have peace of mind knowing how the job was done right, but you’ll also get how expert advice on how to maintain your salon chair for years to come.

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