How To Turn Up Heat On Water Heater? 2 Important Kinds Of Water Heater!

“How to turn up heat on water heater?”  To turn up the heat on the water heater, you need first to identify the parts and know their function. Once you’ve done that, get to know what your water heater requires. You might have an electric water heater or one that utilizes natural gas. It’s essential to take note of this since the two differ from each other.

An electric water heater is automated, so it’s easier to manipulate.

how to turn up heat on water heater

While a traditional water heater usually requires manual handling to change its temperature. Thus, let’s move on and learn how to turn up your water heater. We are glad that you stumbled upon this article because we can help you with such a matter. Just read on!


How To Turn Up My Water Heater’s Heat?

How to turn up heat on water heater? That is the question we will be talking about in this article. Now, as mentioned above, heaters could use electricity and need natural gas to work. Although both heaters can heat your bath just fine, they require specific handling when changing the water’s temperature. But before we head on, please keep remember this:

Maintain the water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 


#1. Electric water heater

There are instances where someone changed the water heater’s temperature before you. What a bummer! Now you are in a dilemma since you have no clue how to change the heater’s temperature. 

However, you must understand how to turn up the water heater for a relaxing bath. Thankfully, we’ve laid out the steps right here, so you don’t have to dwell on the problem. If the water is an electric unit, here’s what you should do:


Step #1. Shut Down Unit 

You’ll probably need to flick two switches on the breaker because water heaters run on 240v. Observe safety precautions such as keeping your hands dry to avoid electrocution. But if you are not sure which one to turn off, it would be best to flip all the switches.


Step #2. Take out the unit’s insulation and access panel

The next step involves the water heater’s insulation and panels. You might want to check to see if you have a tank with two access panels. To modify the temperature, you must take out the panels and any insulation you find.


Step #3. Turn up the heat

At this point, it’s time to adjust the temperature to a higher setting. You might need to use a flat head screwdriver for this step. change the temperature by rotating the dial to your chosen level according to the temperature readings on every notch


Step #4. Change the unit’s panels and insulation

And this one is the last step for changing the heat on your electric water heater unit. Once you replace the insulation and panels of your heater, be patient as the water warms up to achieve your desired temperature, which may take quite a while. At least you’re done! Regardless, read more here: How to adjust the temperature on a water heater?


#2. Gas water heater

Before discussing how to control heat on gas units, remember to prioritize safety when dealing with this kind of water heater unit. Make sure that there are no open flames near the area of the unit because you will need to turn up the gas, and you will not turn off your water heater’s gas to adjust the temperature. 

Always be carful

Regardless, find the control know of your unit that usually appears with the labels hot or warm with the settings. And once you find the controls, it’s time for the adjustments. Please don’t be careless and slowly crank the controls to the desired temperature.

Please take note that it should only sit around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, wait for a while for the tank to heat up, and for the next few hours, test the water’s temperature. And that’s how to turn up water in your water heater.

In terms of accessibility and efficiency, electric water heaters are for you since they are easy to operate, perfect for people who would want to sit in the shower right after a busy day. But if you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to purchase a gas unit water heater. 


Why Is It Essential To Regulate The Heat On Water Heaters?

You must know your water heater temperature’s optimum ideal range. Microorganisms will grow at temperatures below 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and at temperatures above 130 degrees Fahrenheit, the water will burn you alive!

Therefore, it is essential to regulate the temperature of your water heater to 120°F


In Conclusion

How to turn up heat on water heater will depend on the type of heater you have; may it be a gas or electricity water heater. Regardless, it’s easy to learn and do it yourself. Yet, you will still have to be careful since both carry hazards (possible electrocution or fire.) And that’s it. We hope you learned a ton! Here’s how to drain and flush a gas water heater?

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