How To Turn On The Heater In Apartment? 3 Excellent Methods!

Do you want to know how to turn on the heater in apartment? Read and learn more about heaters in apartments and discover the four guides to help you operate the heater. Enjoy and warm your apartment with the heater and sleep in comfort.

Various types of heaters are used in an apartment, but most are oil-filled radiators and wall heaters. The traditional radiators are installed on the floor and deliver the air to heat the space or room using gas or electricity.

how to turn on the heater in apartment

Nowadays, oil-filled radiators are portable, and you can move them from place to place, unlike the traditional ones. But don’t worry if your heaters are either wall heaters or radiators, as this article will help you. Continue reading and learn more about the other things, including how to turn on the heater in the apartment.


Methods To Turn On Apartment Heaters

There are different types of home heaters, and if you do not know what kind of heater you have there, you can quickly identify them by looking into their parts and features. First, look for a plugin wire, and if your heater supports this, then your heater is electric powered, and all you have to do to turn it on can be quickly managed and operated. Meanwhile, if you do not see a plugin wire, saw control knobs, or a hose, it is a gas-powered heater! You can turn on gas-powered heaters by manually lighting them or pressing the igniter to start a flame. 

Any device or appliance needs to be operated correctly to avoid accidents or unwanted situations and protect your family or property. In addition, mishandling or incorrect using a heater can cause mild to severe damages to your appliance that can cost you money, especially if it needs to be repaired or serviced by a licensed technician. If you are confident that you can turn on the heater in your apartment, please follow and read the methods carefully. Are you ready to know how to turn on the heater in apartment, my friend? Let’s dive in!


#1. Electric heaters

If you determined your heater as an electric-powered heater, this method is appropriate for turning it on. Before plugging your heater in an electric source, check your heater for any damages or cracks or if it is underwater. It will ensure that the device your user is safe. After checking it out, now let’s turn it on. Plug the wire into the electrical outlet, then look for the power button and press it.

Some electric heaters are digital or support lights to determine that the device is already switched on or functioning. After you turn on the power, look for the temperature dial where you can adjust your preferred temperature for your apartment. Most electric heaters have timers that you can use to set a time to turn on or off the device, a tip-over switch, and an antifreeze button that will protect your device from freezing, especially on colder days or during the winter season. I guess it’s helpful to read about electric heater not working.


#2. Gas-powered heaters

As for gas-powered heaters, you need to turn on the gas supply in your heater or attach the gas supply to your heater by connecting the supply hose to the tank valve. Before turning on your heater, check if the connection between your supply line and your tank has no gas leak. After opening the tank, use a soap mixture and spray it on the link. If there’s a bubble, you need to close the tank, disconnect the connection, and connect again. If there’s no bubble, you can now proceed to light the heater.

If your heater has an installed igniter, you only need to press it to start a flame. Meanwhile, if your heater has no igniter, you will need a match. After turning your gas supply on, locate the control knob and turn it to the pilot mode.

Some control knobs need to be slightly pushed to turn it, so if it does not turn, try pressing it and then turning it slowly. Press the control knob and hold for a few seconds to allow stuck air to go out and the small amount of gas you will need to light the heater. After a few seconds, press your igniter (piezo spark) or place the match on the burner until it lights. 

If it is successfully lit under the pilot, continue to press the control knob for another few seconds and slowly release. After releasing, press the knob and turn it to the on position. Under the on position, this will allow the burner to light up. Locate the temperature dial, and control the flame. 


#3. Radiators

Aside from the gas-powered and electric heaters, radiators have a different way of turning it on. Radiators are traditionally gas-powered, and it has two control valves on each side of the heater. So, if you have a radiator heater in your apartment, you will need to locate the control knob and the thermostat. If your control is located on the right side, on the other side is where your thermostat is. To start the radiator, determine if it is gas-powered or electric-powered, and turn on the power supply. Then, turn the control knob into the “on” position and set the temperature that you would like in your room. In radiators, there is a low-medium-high that you can choose. Then, wait for a few minutes to heat your apartment. 


It’s A Wrap!

Now you won’t be confused about how to turn on the heater in apartment. You have successfully learned the three excellent methods to turn your apartment’s heater whenever the night is cold or cold due to the winter. Hope this article helped you answer your question. Read related articles; know  what kind of heater do i have and how to choose a space heater.

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