How To Turn On Outdoor Heater? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you learn how to turn on outdoor heater? It might be your chance to go and enjoy outside on colder days, so read further and learn to operate it and a few tips to maintain its performance and safety handling the outdoor heaters.

Heaters can be installed outdoors, especially if you have a patio. A patio can be your venue for an occasion or a family gathering in daylight or at night. Some outdoor heaters also support light, which can be used as a light source. 

how to turn on outdoor heater

Aside from outdoor heaters, there are portable heaters that you can carry outside. Outdoor heaters are sufficient and long-lasting, so homeowners prefer installing outdoor heaters. On the other hand, portable heaters can be used for traveling, like camping or fishing. Do you want to learn more about outdoor heaters? Let’s dive in!


Types Of Outdoor Heaters

If you don’t know yet, there are various types of outdoor heaters that can be built, purchased, and installed in your home. You can choose an electric or gas heater and a low-cost heater. First, if you are residing in a region with winter or colder weather, a gas-powered outdoor heater is the best option. You will not be interrupted once the electricity is out as it is powered by gas. Meanwhile, if you only want to use your outdoor heater at night and your electric power is stable, you can go on in an electric-powered heater. On the other hand, if you don’t ant in either gas or electric-powered heaters, you can build a burner or wood furnace on your patio. Are you ready to discover how to turn on outdoor heater? Please continue reading!


Steps To Turn On Gas-Powered Heater

Turning on an outdoor heater can be learned quickly, and these steps will help you do it correctly and prevent you from injuring yourself. If you are hesitant and not confident in doing this, please consult a technician and ask for help. Every device-electric or gas-powered must be handled with care, please read and follow the steps carefully if you want to do it yourself and learn. If you are ready, then let’s start! 


Step #1. Turn on the power supply

There are different types of gas-powered outdoor heaters, some have to be manually lit, but others support an ignition. But, before we jump into turning it on, you should check your gas connection to see if there has a leakage. To do this, determine first how to access the tank in your heater. Some heaters have a compartment door, while others need to be lifted. After this, connect the supply hose in your tank and connect them firmly, then turn the gas to open the supply.

Get a soap mixture and spray the mixture to the connection. If there’s a bubble, turn off the gas supply and attach it again, but you are good to go if there are no bubbles. After it’s lit, adjust the flame by turning the regulator knob. You may also be interested to know about heater supply


Step #2. Light the heater

If your gas-powered heater has an igniter, you won’t need any lighter or match to light your heater. After turning on the gas supply, press the control knob to set it to the “pilot” position, hold it for 60 seconds, and push the igniter button on your heater. After successfully igniting the pilot light, hold the control knob for an additional 60 seconds. Release and turn the knob counterclockwise to light the burner, then adjust the flame. 

If you need to light your heater manually, use a long lighter to start a fire in your burner. Light your lighter into the mesh screen or burner, then push the safety shut-off valve for 30 seconds to allow the gas to go through the burner. After you light it successfully, hold the button for another 30 minutes, then release it slowly and adjust the flame. 


Step #3. Turning off the heater

Learning how to start the heater correctly is essential, as well as it needs to be turned off every after use. Turn your control knob in the “off” position to turn off the heater, then close the supply line. Allow the heater to cool off. If your heater is a rain shield, you can leave the heater outside. But, if your heater doe not have rain and wind protection, you need to store it indoors. 

To store them, allow them to cool down. Remove the heater supply hose, close the gas tank cap, and keep it inside. Note that, upon storing your heater, it must be unreachable to children. Meanwhile, for electric heaters, determine if your heater is hardwired (wired directly to the main wire) or supports a plug-in. Please turn on the separate switch for the outdoor heater or plug it o the nearest outlet. Turn on the heater, then adjust the temperature as you desire. 


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know how to turn on outdoor heater, you can handle it. Turning it on and adjusting the heat is an easy task. Take note that outdoor heaters or propane heaters must be used outside or in well-ventilated areas and must not use indoors. Hope this article helped to learn how to use your outdoor heater. You may also want to read about  how to install vent free gas heater and how to change natural gas heater to propane

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