How To Turn On Baseboard Heater? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you wanna figure out how to turn on baseboard heater? We have got your back. This article will provide you with a relevant and complete guide on the baseboard heater. Before everything else, let’s understand what a baseboard heater is.

Baseboard heaters are narrow, vertical, and small-sized heating agents. These heaters make your room a place of comfort in the chilly and freezing days. 

how to turn on baseboard heater

If you are short on budget and wanna save some money, a baseboard heater will easily do the job of heating your space. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Types Of Baseboard Heaters

The two types of baseboard heaters are convection and hydronic heater. You will get to know about each type in the section of this article. 


Convection heater

A convection heater works by sucking the cold air from outside and warming it with heated metal fins. Then send the hot air back to your room. This air exchange process is known as convection. The convection heaters can eat up a large amount of electricity due to their continuous demand for power supply. You have to do extensive research about your dependability on the heater. If you just want to use it for the occasions like birthdays and festivities. Then, there is no harm in installing the heater.


Hydronic heater

The hydronic heater consists of heating coils and fitted pipes. The body of the baseboard heater must also include an expansion tank. As the tank helps to maintain the pressure of water flowing inside. 

These heaters have an internal reservoir fluid that serves as the main heating agent. This fluid heats up when the heater is connected with the central boiler of your house. 

The owners whose houses need a secondary source of heat must consider hydronic heaters. As they are energy efficient and keep the surroundings warm for a long period. But you must have a boiler with additional BTUs to make sure that the heater is provided with the required power. In addition, these heaters are expensive and take a long time to heat your space.


Steps To Turn On Baseboard Heater

We know that you are worried as you cannot find the complete information about how to turn on baseboard heater. The good news for you is it is not a big thing. You can easily turn it on and adjust the temperature. 


Step #1. Turn off the power

Firstly, you have to turn the gas or electric connection off your heater. Turn off the circuit breaker or switch off from the outlet if you are using an electrical heater. Shut off the gas valve from the mains in case of a gas baseboard heater. 


Step #2. Remove the end-cap cover

Now you have to remove the end cap cover from the heater. Use a screwdriver to open the screws or unsnap depending on the type of cover. The water inlet hose has a control valve that is used for increasing and decreasing the hot water flow. 


Step #3. Rotate the dial

You have to use a wrench if there is not any dial on the valve. Turn the dial in a clockwise direction with your fingers if the water flow control valve has a dial on it. Rotating it counterclockwise will decrease the water flow. Now, you can replace the end-cap cover after turning the heater on. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to install electric baseboard heater.


Cleaning And Maintenance

You must follow these steps to ensure the maintenance of your baseboard heater. 


#1. Maintain the distance

As we all know how important it is to maintain distance in these covid days. The distance between a baseboard heater and the floor is essential too. The space of 3 to 5 inches is enough to let the cool air touch down your heater. 


#2. Dust and dirt 

The vent of the heater can become clogged with dirt and dust. You have to clean the vent by using a vacuum cleaner and removing the furniture from its mouth. This will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the baseboard heater. Here’s how to clean your baseboard heater.


#3. Drain the water

If you chose to buy a hydronic heater, you must not forget to drain the water out of the heater to remove any accumulated mineral deposits. Be aware to turn the boiler off before dispersing the water. Also, drain the expansion tank by turning the drain valve on. 


Why Your Baseboard Heater Is Not Working?

If your baseboard heater is not producing heat, there may be any of these issues.


#1. Thermostat  

The thermostat controls the heat flowing almost every heating device. It becomes worn out with continuous use and you need to replace it. Or maybe, you have to turn it on it has been turned off accidentally. 


#2. Circuit breaker

The circuit breaker of your house hinders the heating efficiency of the baseboard heater. The main reason for doing so is a fuse that has blown out or the tripping of the circuit breaker. Fimd out how to wire electric baseboard heater.


#3. Heater valves

If you don’t lubricate the valves of your heater, they can become rusted. The corroded valves stick with each other. Thus hindering the way electric current flow produces heat. 


It’s A Wrap!

Adjusting and using your heater is not a big deal after having known all the things about how to turn on baseboard heater and the possible issues with this type of heater.

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