How To Turn On A Williams Gas Heater? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to turn on a Williams gas heater? If not, this article will help you turn it on with excellent steps. Remember that turning on the gas heater, you must be careful in handling it and observant. On the other hand, you should also learn further essential details if you smell a gas leak or if your device malfunctions. 

Gas heaters are common as they are the traditional way of heating the temperature in houses, especially in countries that experience winter. During that time, electric supplies are unpredictable and can go off anytime. Heavy ice causes wires to tear off. An electric heater may be a good and effective choice, but they have advantages and disadvantages like other devices. To learn more additional information on how to turn on your Williams gas heater, read further below.

how to turn on a Williams gas heater


Gas Heaters By Williams

William Furnace Co. manufactures this heater powered by propane or natural gases, also known as a direct-vent furnace, and must be mounted outside for ventilation. Due to this setup, this type of vent has an average of 87 above efficiency than the other heater. Unlike other gas heaters, you must do the ignition manually to light it up, but that is an easy task, so don’t worry about that as this article will help you how to turn on a Williams gas heater.

Before tuning your gas heater, you must ensure no gas leaks to prevent fire or physical injury. Set the thermostat of your gas heater to the lowest settings, and open the access panel by loosening the screws. Slowly, push the gas control knob and turn it clockwise and set it on the “off” setting. Note that the control knob won’t turn unless you push it. After turning it off, wait for at least 5 minutes to clear out the excess gases. If you smell gas, it indicates there’s a leakage. Please do not continue the process and call a licensed technician or your gas supplier immediately. 


Steps To Turn On Williams Gas Heater

Some gas heaters require manually igniting, which may take you a little time as you need to light the burner yourself, unlike having an igniter. Though the process has a slight bend, it does not affect the performance of your gas heater. Whether your gas heater supports an igniter or not, we will be discussing them further. Learning how to turn on your Williams gas heater is an essential process you need to know, especially if you have one at home or plans. 


Step #1. Turn on gas supply

After checking your gas heater to see possible leaks, you can now turn on your heater’s gas supply. If your heater supports an isolation gas valve installed between the gas supply to your heater, turn it on. On the other hand, If you don’t know where it locates, follow the metal pipes that go out in your heater. Most insulation valves are linear valves, and you can turn them on by lining the valve with the tubes. If you have a diaphragm valve, turn the knob-like valve to open. 


Step #2. Ignite the heater

Now that you opened the gas supply, it’s time to ignite the heater. Open the observation door by loosening the wing nut. Find the gas control valve, turn it counterclockwise, and set it on the “pilot” setting. Slowly push the control valve and hold it in. If your gas heater has an igniter, press it to light the burner, but if it doesn’t, get a long lighter and ignite the burner immediately. After ignition, do not take off your finger. You need to push it for at least one minute before releasing it. 

If you notice that the fire goes off after lighting, repeat this process. On the other hand, if you repeated the process numerously, or the control knob does not pop back to its place after you pushed it, contact a technician immediately to help you out. 


Step #3. Close observation door and set the temperature

Attach the observation door firmly by tightening the wing nut. Turn the gas control knob counterclockwise and put it in the “on” settings. Return the access panel cover in place and screw it tightly. Go to the thermostat and set the temperature you prefer. You’ve successfully managed to turn on your gas heater! After using the heater, open the access panel, turn the control valve panel counterclockwise, and put it to “off” settings. Close the access panel, along with your gas supply. 

Note that after every use of your gas or electric heater, you must turn them off to prevent electric or gas waste. In addition, you should also set a date to clean the parts of your vent, such as the burner, compartment, furnace, and pilot area. You need to clean this system to maintain its performance and avoid purchasing replacement parts from time to time. It may be helpful to read about temperature and pressure relief valve.


It’s A Wrap!

Learning how to turn on a Williams gas heater isn’t that hard, right? You can quickly manage to turn it yourself; however, if you are not confident and confused about what type of parts of your heating compartment, turn it on with a professional technician to prevent physical injuries.

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