How To Turn Off Cadet Wall Heater? 3 Best Tips!

Do you know how to turn off Cadet wall heater? There are options for how to do it, and these include disconnecting the source of power, switching off the circuit breaker, utilizing the power on/off switch, and lastly, switching the thermostat off.

Yes, this task is straightforward. You will not even need some help from a friend or a professional to get this job done. Nevertheless, we all need guidance in the tasks we must do, especially if it is the first time we encounter it. 

how to turn off Cadet wall heater

A Cadet wall heater is an affordable and very safe means to make your home warm. However, like any appliance, a Cadet wall heater may undergo some problems that become a burden to the user. That is why the user needs to know how to solve specific problems or at least maintain them. By learning these things, you will be enjoying this wall heater for years.


Tips To Turn Off Cadet Wall Heater

Now that we have already discussed the options for how to turn off Cadet wall heater let us now dig a little deeper. The first option will require you to plug out the heater so that the electricity will stop running. The second one requires you to locate first where the breaker is and then shut it off. The third one simply requires you to seek the heater’s power switch then utilize it. The last option requires you to locate the thermostat, turn it off, or make it lesser than the actual temperature of your room. It is essential to know how to switch it off, but maintaining its life is much more critical. 


#1. Don’t forget to put clearances

Before installing the Cadet wall heater, it is crucial that you have assessed and picked a location where the airflow from the heater will not get blocked or interrupted. It is recommended to allocate at least 3 feet of space in front of the heater and a margin of 1 foot on the sides and its top. Also, please do not put it on the areas where things can get quickly burned, such as curtains, furniture, papers, and the like. Lastly, note that doors may block the air flowing from the heater, so avoid placing your wall heater in such a place. 


#2. Maintain the well-being of the heater

Maintenance seems to be burdensome work for some, but the truth is, the burden will get bigger if you miss maintaining your appliances. To keep a Cadet wall heater, first, you have to the main power located at the disconnect panel. Next, wait a couple of minutes to let the heater cool down. After which, remove the grill and wash it using a smooth cloth or sponge. Soak it in hot water with dissolved soap, and dry it. Locate the heating element and blow some air through it using a hairdryer. Then using a vacuum cleaner, make the fan clean. When the grill is already clean and dry, please put it back once again, then you are done!


#3. Troubleshooting techniques

It is truly wise that you regularly check and maintain the condition of your wall heater. However, problems are still inevitable, and the primary person that must know how to troubleshoot a problem must be you. Unless you are not that comfortable with your skills, you will have to call a professional to troubleshoot. This section will tackle some of the common problems that a wall heater may encounter and how to solve them. You may also want to read about water heater troubleshooting.


Smelly heater

You may have noticed that after some time that you were not able to use your wall heater, it has blown smelly kind of air. Who wants that? It may be simply because of the element used in manufacturing the product, the lint or dust accumulated inside, or the connections have been stripped off or loosened. Whatever the reason your heater smells terrible, one of the things you must do is clean it. How? Just refer to the maintenance steps above. If the bad smell is still there, look for connections inside that are loose or disconnected. If you have found some, then tighten those connections or connect them once again if they disconnected. 


Heater stopped working

Oh, this one is a real headache, especially if you need the heater’s service. One of the reasons may be loosed or disconnected connections. Another one is that the heater automatically shuts down because of its built-in safety function whenever the temperature increases abnormally. Also, the circuit breaker may be faulty, or you missed to realize that the heater’s fan is at mode zero. Lastly, it may be caused by a damaged thermostat. It would be best to find first for loosed or disconnected wires and then connect them. If it automatically shuts down, you need to reset the heater. If none of these works, call an electrician. 


It’s A Wrap!

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to turn off Cadet wall heater. Also, may you have gained some knowledge on how to treat the heater right? Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated. You may want to read related articles; know why won’t my heater turn on and how to warm up a room without a heater.

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