How To Turn A Regular Bed Into A Daybed? 6 Best Ways!

So, how to turn a regular bed into a daybed?

It’s a challenge to design an ordinary bed into something extraordinary. Think outside the box.

how to turn a regular bed into a daybed

For instance, your bedroom serves as it is, at the same time, a crafting space.

In which case, it may be necessary to have guest beds.

Or you can choose to set apart space by having a spacious great room.

And there, you would like to include a queen-size bed that also functions as a daybed.

Using a few basic design ideas, you can make a queen-size bed look like a daybed.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Turn A Regular Bed Into A Daybed

Here are the ways on how to turn a regular bed into a daybed:


#1. Choose a site with a great location

Daybeds serve daytime hours as couches during the day.

It would help if you had alongside your queen-size bed to face the room for seating when you want to build a useful sofa.

By placing the bed against a wall, you conserve room space.

Draw a floor plan of your room on graph paper and move the furniture to play with placement options.

You’ll use sheets of paper to mimic furniture proportions.

It will help you decide where to place your bed in your house.

It should have quick access, yet not that crowded to block the windows or aisles.

When you have a big open space in your bedroom, it is advisable to use the queen-size bed as a daybed and a room divider.

It would help if you did not lay the bed lengthwise against a wall in this circumstance.


#2. Opt for an appropriate mattress cover

An adjustable daybed should offer a comfortable place to sit while not requiring frequent retouching of mattress coverings.

One way to convert a queen-size bed into a daybed is to use a coverlet.

Opt for an envelope with a zipper running under the surface or a customized cushion cover with a zippered opening and piping.

The more, the merrier; it’s easy to tuck in excess length and width around all four sides of the daybed mattress to hold it in place while it’s in use.


#3. Get a lot of throw pillows

Sofa seating is most commonly arranged to fit a couch with a depth of 31 to 36 inches.

Take note that a queen-size bed is 60 inches wide.

For you to reduce this depth to a more manageable level, try using throw pillows to limit the width of your bed.

Add a row of normal queen-sized pillows in pillowcases.

Then, it should be followed by additional rows of rectangle pillows in shams that come in different shapes and sizes.

You can also try those pillows with unique shapes and sizes in coordinating fabrics.

Adding a variety of pillow types and covers creates a casual, country-style daybed perfect for rustic bedrooms.

Whether you want to have a shabby-chic, sophisticated, or modern design, you can choose accent pillows and beddings to help you achieve these looks.


#4. Use pillows and comforts

You may also reduce the depth of your queen-size bed by choosing different cushions.

First, you should custom-fit the foam, so it’s appropriate for the cushions.

While you want to have a unique design for your daybed, there are a huge variety of cushion materials to choose from.

My friends, you can use brushed duck slipcovers instead of standard upholstery fabric.


#5. Consider putting end tables or side tables

you put backboards and end tables on the queen bed to make it appear more like a seating area during the day.

Your friends can use one of the end tables to put their tea or coffee on and lean on the backrest for support.

Unlike a standard bed, daybeds frequently include armrests.

Having armrests enables the daybed to be more comfortable to sit on while also visually telling people that it is actual seating space.

To begin with, start with a twin bed with no head or footrest.

Adding side tables on each side raises the seats to a comfortable working height.

Incorporating this will serve as a “frame” of your daybed while you don’t have to alter it in any way.


#6. Incorporate a DIY backrest

To supplement the standard frame, consider having a wide backrest for the side of the bed.

The bed becomes a daybed as it turns sideways.

A simple wooden door could be utilized as a backrest too.

To fit a conventional door, which is 80 inches tall, on its side, it has to be only 5 inches wider than a twin-sized bed.

Another good idea is to attach an old door to the back of the bed to make low visible support.


The Show Must Go On!

Whatever the size of your bed is, you can always redecorate it into a daybed; you may use this for seating and sleeping.

Save time by checking out some of the best products you can buy online.

Anyway, you’ve already known how to turn a regular bed into a daybed.

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