How To Turn A Pool Heater On? 5 Easy Ways!

Are you wondering how to turn a pool heater on? In a few easy tips, you can. And they’re simple, so we’re sure you can execute them with a breeze. Here’s a glimpse, though:

You just need to check the filter, the pool pump, and the plumbing valves. You can get back the device to keep the water comfortable and warm.

Issues in your pool heater are solvable. You can get the pool heater turned on easily while just doing a little cleaning. But also, it may require in-depth troubleshooting. If your electric, propane, heat pump, solar, or gas pool heater didn’t turn on, many solutions are out there for you to consider in mind. It’s better that you read further, my friends!


Things To Do When A Pool Heater Does Not Turn On

Here are the things to do when your pool heater does not turn on.


#1. Checking the filter

Always check the filter to solve the power issues in any pool type you have. Since the pool heater depends much on a continuous water supply, this is also. If it does not get adequate water and faces extreme pressure, it will not turn its power on. Even if it does, it may shut off immediately after. So, you must follow these steps to keep the filter media and filter clean. Empty the pump baskets and skimmer weekly and operate the pump eight hours a day. Keep the pool system free from blockage so the water will move freely throughout the pipes at such a stable pressure, as this is what the device needs for it to run.


#2. Double-checking the plumb valves

A single valve set in the wrong direction may motion the heater not to receive enough water. It might not occur if that does not turn on. So, take a quick stroll around the pool equipment and ensure the valves that lead up to the device are moving and open water.


#3. Checking the pool pump

There’s a chance that the pump may not be enough to supply water in the pressure following your needs. This common issue is fixed by a simple upgrade to a variable speed pool pump. But assume this if you have already tried the rest of the suggestions.


Why Pool Heater Does Not Turn On

Below are other possible causes of a pool heater not turning on:


#1. Weak or damaged electrical connection

The solution to a pool heat pump that does not receive much power from a breaker is to check and inspect the wiring for loose connections or tears. Afterward, examine the terminals for wiring for possible corrosion.


#2. Damaged pressure sensor

The defective pressure sensor prevents the pump from water detection, often resulting in a shutdown. The best thing to do is troubleshoot the part that needs replacement. A practical and quick replacement of the faulty parts is one way to extend the lifespan of the pool heat pump.


#3. Low water flow

The low water flow is due to blockage in the pool system that stops the device from turning on. So, clean the filter and empty the baskets available. Ensure the pump sends enough water.


#4. Dirty heat exchanger

This part moves the heat inside the unit down to the pool water. If it is corroded or dirty, it may only trigger the shutdown and avoid the team as it turns on. So, it is better to hire an expert heater repair technician to fix the issue and see that it demands replacement.


How To Turn On A Pool Heater

Below are possible causes of the gas pool heater that is not turning on and the solutions on how to turn a pool heater on:


#1. Gas supply valve

You can solve the problem with a gas supply valve by walking over the gas supply. Check the gas line valve that is set to an open position.


#2. Heater switch

Turn the heater switch on and bypass it using a jumper wire to make a connection with the two terminals. When the device turns on, it’s time for the device to demand replacement; if it does not still work, follow the next tip.


#3. Pilot light that is not lit

Consider bypass testing in mind that demands are opening up the device. Seek professional help if you’re unsure of how to perform this safely.


#4. Thermostat

A problem with the thermostat is why the gas pool heater is not turning on correctly. So, set the heater’s thermostat to a more extreme temperature instead of pool water. Use a multimeter when checking if the thermostat is getting enough power. Make use of jumper wire when bypassing testing the thermostat. I guess it’s helpful to read about temperature control box replacement kit.


#5. High limit switch

This component shuts off the heater once it gets boiling. The switch is right next to the outlet of the heater. So, bypass the so-called high limit switch that you must replace the switch if the heater occurs. The heater may also have a higher limit switch. So, test them both to know which one is the issue.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to turn a pool heater on, including a gas pool heater and pool heater heat pump. You know the causes of their problems; you must also keep the solutions in mind. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how to plumb a pool heater and how to size a pool heater.

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