How to Turn a Crib Into a Loveseat

Has it come to a point where your kids don’t need a crib anymore? Are they too old for it now and you do not want to throw it for some reason? Sentimental value, perhaps? No need to worry! What if I tell you I know how to turn a crib into a loveseat? It would be a perfect place for you and your significant other to hang out, right? 


how to turn a crib into a loveseat

Why a loveseat, you ask? Well, it has a lot of benefits. Loveseats are an excellent choice for small, awkward spaces. A loveseat can fill out an odd corner or provide comfort to a space in your home due to its compact proportions. A loveseat at the end of the bed, for example, may make an excessively spacious master bedroom feel more comfortable. A sturdy loveseat, on the other hand, can be a perfect addition to an office or reading area that lacks the room for a sofa.


There are several sellers of furniture that deliver a living room with matching bed linen and sofa. As 60% have said they would plan a living room around a sofa, it is a logical move to choose a couch to fit. You can make a smart room with a sofa set, without having to choose harmonious colors and textures. Otherwise, you can pair two matching loveseats with a wide Ottoman to bring a bold visual balance into a room.


So, how to turn a crib into a loveseat? Just follow this process.


How to Turn a Crib Into a Loveseat


Before you begin disassembling, you must store the pieces that you have from the old crib. We determined, for example, that no new parts (i.e. hardware, side rails) were necessary for this conversion, except for a few fasteners.


Measure and mark your expected cut lines before disassembling your crib. For clarification, we have marked the cutting lines and steps.


Once you got your strategy already, start disassembling the crib carefully. During this stage, organizing your workspace is crucial.


To begin, determine how deep you want the loveseat to be. We’ll go for a seat depth of about 17 inches because that’s the norm. This number can vary depending on how much room you want for your butt. If you’re going to try your hand at making a loveseat, take measurements of the chairs in your house to see which ones you want.


To use as your sides, cut the front part of the crib to the ideal seat width. Now that you have cut all the pieces you need, but all the parts on the ground to see what you are to be working on and attaching. This gives you a whole overview of the pieces you will need, this will let you know if they all are in the correct sizes and nothing is missing.


You then split the bits from 2 to 4 and screw them all into place to make sure that it is square and smooth. Create a rectangular shape that will be the skeleton of your loveseat. Make sure it fits two people perfectly without any problem. Then you can buy Lowe’s big board which was already glued. Then decorate it to suit the seat. You can also add a little curved detail to the front by using one piece on the left.


After this, you can decorate your loveseat by adding color to it and purchasing cushions and pillows that will fit your aesthetic. The choice is yours, be creative.


Remember that the purpose of repurposing this old crib is twofold: to breathe new life into an old, well-used piece of furniture and to provide our children with a safe place to rest. Check that all exterior corners are now eased, that all hardware/fasteners are well covered, and that the finish is smooth and free of burrs.


Why a loveseat and not a sofa? Are these two different?


When shopping for living room furniture, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a sofa and a loveseat, particularly if you’re looking online. Loveseats and sofas are often sold as a pair to fit into your living room. However, you are not always required to buy them in this manner. Mix and match your options to suit your style.


The scale is the most significant distinction between a loveseat and a sofa. Sofas are larger and come in a variety of lengths, though the traditional three-cushion seat is one of the most common. Loveseats, on the other hand, are much smaller and usually only seat two adults.


The other major distinction between the two is the role of the seat. Sofas are bigger and therefore more conducive to lounging and socializing. You may stretch out on a sofa or gather a group of friends to talk or watch a movie. As previously stated, loveseats are smaller and are typically used as an accent piece to complete a bed.




So this sums up the steps on how to turn a crib into a loveseat. You can still have amazing pieces of furniture at a low cost without wasting your old ones. Just like an old crib, your children do not use anymore, you can turn this into something anyone else can use anytime. Be creative and let your imagination be your guide as you revamp your homes.