How To Turn A Crib Into A Bed? In 7 Easy Steps!

How to turn a crib into a bed? Turning a crib into a toddler’s bed could be done if the crib is convertible to one or construct one yourself.

It’s full filling to see your children grow.

How to turn a crib into a bed

Of course, as a parent, you would want your children to grow well while being healthy.

I would love for my child to grow up well while being provided proper.

Although this statement is true, there are times you would get irritated.

I don’t mean to get irritated with your child but there are times when their things go out of their size.

You may see your baby say, “I want to go out!” they may not say it directly, but they’ll tell you one way or another.

So you’ll want to buy a toddler’s bed to upgrade it.

Instead of buying a whole new bed for your kid, why not make the crib into one?

You don’t know how? I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to turn your crib into a toddler’s bed.



A crib is what we usually use to place our babies when they’re sleeping.

It is a lot safer to place them there asleep than just leaving your baby on the bed.

This haven is cozy enough for a baby to sleep.

The slats will secure your baby from falling.

Although our kids don’t stay as an infant for long, they too have to grow up to their sleeping space.

Creating a bed out of your baby’s crib is a great way to lessen your expenses.

Don’t know how to do it?

The following are a step guide to convert a crib to a bed.


Steps To Turn A Crib Into A Bed

So, how to turn a crib into a bed?

Here are some simple tips and a step-by-step guide to help you go through the process:


Step #1. Choose a guard rail

Your child’s crib may come with a toddler’s bed rail.

If yours doesn’t, you will have to purchase one yourself.

As you have noticed, cribs have higher rails than toddler’s guardrails have.

Your toddler should be able to get in bed without your assistance.

Nevertheless, the guardrail should protect your toddler from falling out and rolling out of bed.


Step #2. Remove a side of the crib

You could use a screwdriver in loosening the screws.

Mostly you’ll only need to remove one side of the crib.

If you choose o to remove 2 sides, one side must be attached with a toddler’s guardrail while the other end is pressed against the wall.

This method is only applicable to convertible cribs.

You may have to use another method of removing the rails with non-convertible ones.


Step #3. Remove the bedding

You will have to ix the bed slats, so you have to remove the slats.

Set the beddings aside while you work on attaching the guardrail.


Step #4. Attach the brackets

After you have removed the bedding, secure an L-bracket on the guardrail.

Some guardrail kits have L-brackets together with the package.

If yours doesn’t have, 2 to 3 inches corner brackets and inch long screwdrivers.

You will need 4 screws for each bracket.

It is best to attach the bracket facing the bottom.

The vertical one of the bracket must be positioned at the center of the post.


Step #5. Positioning the rail

Place the guardrail positioned on the removed side of the crib.

Align the brackets to where you want to place them.

Leave 9 inches of gap between the rail and the headboard.

Do the same between the rail and the footboard.

Leaving this much space will make it easier for your kids to get in and out of their beds.


Step #6. Screw the rail

After you ensure that the spacing is enough, screw the rail in place.

You will need to screw a total of four screws; two of these need to be attached to each bracket.

Ensure that the screws are tightly attached so we won’t experience any accidents and damages.

After screwing the guardrail, try to shake it up.

If it shakes, tighten the screws again; if not, then it is tight enough.


Step #7. Make the bed

After you have securely attached the guardrails, make the bed.

Add the mattress and other beddings.

It is best to cover the bed with soft sheets, pillows, and blankets so that your child could sleep soundly.

If you want to install another rail on the other side of the crib, you can still follow the same procedure that we’ve mentioned above.


Bed Safety

If you already have your newly refurbished toddler bed, placing them must be decided thoroughly.

Here are some tips for your toddler’s bed safety:


#1. Right spot

It is best to position the bed in places away from windows, curtains, chords, or anything that they could reach aside the bed.


#2. Headboard on wall

Place the headboard of the bed on the wall.

Leave some spaces on the sides to limit the risk of falling or getting trapped in between.


#3. Fall precaution

There may be instances that we can’t see our child during getting in and out of bed, so a safety precaution is advised.

Placing some sleeping bag, a soft rug, or pillows around the floor is a great way to ensure even your child falls, you can still feel less worried.



Now that you know how to turn a crib into a bed, I hope you could save up the budget to buy a new one to design the bed.

You can add various ideas to the bed.

Dressing the bed like a race car, a pirate ship, or a princess castle is daring.

I’m sure that your kids will love them.

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