How to Tuck Pillowcases Like Hotels Do

Did you know that learning how to tuck pillowcases like hotels do can make your bed look more inviting? Putting together your pillow and pillowcases is one of the easiest chores your can do. Tucking them like a pro shouldn’t be as tricky as you think it should be.

Instead of just grabbing the pillow and clothing it with a pillowcase, there are other intricate things that you need to consider if you want to tuck your pillowcase the same way they do in hotels.

How to Tuck Pillowcases Like Hotels

If you have ever been to an elegant or extravagant hotel, then you would know what it is like to lay on a pillow that has been tucked in hotel-style. For this reason, if you want this same stylish and heavenly feeling at home, then here are the steps to learning to do so.


Steps on How to Tuck Pillowcases Like Hotels Do

These steps are especially useful if you have a king-sized pillowcase for a standard size pillow. Otherwise, following these steps can work for any pillowcase regardless of its size, as well as the pillow – provide that the pillow is not too big for the pillowcase, of course.


Step 1: Choose your pillowcase and insert your pillow into it

The first step is the most simple and obvious one, which is to grab your choice of a pillowcase and clothe your chosen pillow with it. Once the pillow is in the pillowcase, flatten it out using your forearm by sliding outward simultaneously so that it looks even all throughout.

By doing this, your pillows will look flatter and, therefore, neater. They will be able to stand better or more upright because the materials inside will be evenly distributed.

One tip to note so that you can make this job easier is by placing the pillow onto a flat surface, preferably at a level where you don’t need to bend down or arch your back. Otherwise, if you have a lot of pillows to put pillowcases on, then you will have a sore back for bending too long.


Step 2: Use your non-dominant hand to grab the middle part of the end of your pillowcase

After doing all of this, the next thing to do is to grab the upper middle part of the end of the pillowcase by pinching it with your fingers. You can use as many fingers as you like.

But it helps to do this with your non-dominant hand because the next and final step will be easier to do with your dominant hand. If you really wanted or have many pillows to do, then a helper can do this part for you so you can be more efficient.


Step 3: Use your dominant hand to tuck the loose parts of the pillowcase

While your non-dominant hand is holding up the upper middle part of the pillowcase with a pinch, use your dominant hand to tuck the loose parts of the upper and lower parts of the pillowcase.

You can be tedious in this part because this will produce the final result and will determine how your pillow will turn out.

Once you have tucked in all of the loose parts, you can flatten out your pillow for the final time to ensure that they look smooth and even. Remember to use the forearm technique to do this so that you can cover more ground compared with using your hands and so that you can do it quicker.


Handy Pillowcase Tips You Should Know About

Besides knowing how to tuck in your pillowcase like a hotel, it also helps to know a thing or two about the tricks of the trade. These handy insights can certainly make your pillows look much more pleasing to the eyes by the end result.


Always hold the pillow by the corners

If you want your pillows to look even, flat, and smooth, don’t hold them anywhere in the surface area. The reason why you want to carry them by the corners, especially after you have flattened them out, is so that they can maintain their state.

This will also prevent you from wrinkling or even dirtying your pillowcase. So, even if you haven’t flattened out your pillow, start getting into the habit of grabbing pillows by the corner, with or without a pillowcase.


It’s always better to have a bigger pillowcase

As mentioned at the beginning, you can also follow the steps above for a king-sized pillowcase that is being used for a standard size pillow. This is because you can work with any amount of loose pillowcase parts.

For this reason, it is completely fine if you have loose parts after clothing your pillow. In fact, it is always better if your pillowcase has loose parts to tuck in. That way, you can have an opportunity to make it look tighter and smoother.

On the other hand, if your pillowcase is too tight or doesn’t contain any loose parts, then the whole pillow will look too bulky. And if you flatten it out, the ends of the pillow might even show themselves. So always aim to use pillowcases that are a little longer than the pillow.


Final Thoughts on How to Tuck Pillowcases Like Hotels Do

If you want your pillows to look their best, then learning how to tuck pillowcases like hotels do is definitely a good idea. Once you know, you can then feel like you are sleeping in your very own hotel room in the comforts of your home.