How To Trim Curtains? In 4 Awesome Ways!

Do you know how to trim curtains? There are four simple ways, which you will learn as you read along.

Nowadays, it is easy to buy curtains in department stores or through online shops.

how to trim curtains

However, these ready-made curtains might not level your expectations.

The length of the curtain might not be the perfect one that is fit to the height of the window or the wall of your room.

This situation happens to most of us.

While thinking of ways to do something, stress rises and the perfectionist ego is preparing to come out.

Don’t worry!

As you know, you don’t have to buy another set of curtains. You can do something creative and amazing on your own.

Just read further to find out the easy ways to trim curtains to your desired length.


Easy Ways To Trim Curtains

It can get very tricky to trim the curtains to achieve the length that you desire.

What happens usually is that you get a pair of scissors or a cutter and cut the curtain based on your guts.

Or worse, you just trim down everything without looking, planning, and thinking and it’s done.

Here are some easy ways on how to trim curtains at home, by yourself, and without wasting another bundle of money.


#1. Iron and cut

Store-bought curtains are well-folded and a bit hard.

The best tip before doing anything is to wash the curtain.

This way the fabric will be softer than before and is easier to modify.

After drying the curtain, get ready to do some ironing.

Be careful not to burn yourself or else you have to pause doing it for a while.

As you know, ironing will straighten the curtain and you will be able to see easily as to how long you want to trim.

After ironing to straighten, check the length and decide the length you are supposed to trim.

Fold the desired area and iron them carefully and forcefully.

After you do that, you can now trim the curtains and they are ready to be hanged!


#2. Hold end-to-end

You may not know, but this is the easiest way!

All you need to do is ask someone for help. You hold the end close to you and let him/her hold to the other end of the curtain.

Fold the curtain to the desired length you want to trim.

Now, starting for your side trim the curtain and it is done!


#3. A fold and pins

What if you are living alone? Or you are left alone at home? Who’s going to help you?

When no one is around to help you, be independent – do it yourself!

All you need to do is folding and pinning.

First, measure the curtain and fold the excess fabric.

Next, pin the fabric from the end to the other end where the backside is facing you.

Then, cut the curtain carefully to make sure it’s well-cut and you are not injured from those pins.


#4. Hemming without sewing

Sometimes we think, it is a waste to cut the curtains because we might need them in other ways as it is when we first bought them.

Fortunately, you don’t have to cut the curtains. Hemming is there to save you.

This method is not an easy way to trim curtains. But hemming is an alternative.

Hemming is easy to do and safer. You don’t have to worry about wrong cutting or hurting yourself while cutting.

In hemming, you only have to do four (4) easy peasy steps:

First, heat the iron and place the curtain facing the backside on the iron board.

Second, measure the curtain, fold for two times to the desired length, and iron to straighten the creases.

Third, get the hem tape and put it in the middle of the folded fabric starting from the end and continue doing until the next end.

Lastly, iron again to make sure that the tape and the curtain are attached tightly to each other.

Your curtain is now ready to use.

After some time when you change your mind, you can unfold the hem and make other modifications.


Keep In Mind

You know, fabrics vary in style, thickness, and texture.

From time to time, the success of trimming and modifying the curtains depends on those three mentioned above.

Also, skill is sometimes required but not all the time.

You might get lucky and create something wonderful.

All you need is confidence, strong will, and guts while deciding and trimming the curtains.

After all, the curtains will add to the beauty of the room and your home as a whole.

Regardless, that is all you need to know.


It’s A Wrap!

At last, you have to keep in mind that trimming your curtains is your decision.

The results may differ from your expectation. So, expect less and impress more after the result is seen.

However, it may look amazing and artsy.

This can be the start of your career that can change your life.

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I hope this is helpful to you.

If you think so, share this with your besties!

That’s how to trim curtains.