How To Treat Electronics For Bed Bugs? 3 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wondered how to treat electronics for bed bugs?

These bugs are small terrors that hide in various dim places, crevices, and cracked furniture or areas around your house.

They usually appear at around night time hunting for their prey to find some blood to suck at.

Once they have sucked out some blood from their target, they will leave a red itchy mark that will slowly spread onto the skin.

Leading it into the development of various illnesses that may cost you a tremendous amount of money.

Usually, you cannot often see bed bugs hanging around electronics such as your television and many more.

The only way that they can go there is if the gadget that you have is placed above old furniture that was inhabited by bed bugs for a long time already.

To avoid this from happening, stay with us until the end of this article to help you out with what you desire to accomplish.


Steps To Treat Electronics For Bed Bugs

How to treat electronics for bed bugs?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions nowadays that are not answered by others.

Bed bug infestation often happens at mattresses or clothing; they then spread it on sudden areas like the couch or at your dirty laundry.

Though rare to happen, bed bugs, for a fact, are inside the electronic devices that we have at our home.

It is unlikely to happen because they only lurk in areas where they can easily hide and make a territory grow.

But it never said that there would be no possibility for it to happen.

But don’t worry about that; there are many ways that we know how we can get rid of them.

We care for you and your family’s safety so here, we have chosen one of the best solutions that can be done without the need to spend money, just pure effort.

I cannot assure you that this task will be easy, but I can assure you that if you put all your efforts into it, the result will say it all.

Below are simple methods that we prepared especially for you to follow and finish this task without having any problems.


Step #1. Heat treating Electronics

To start doing this method, first close all open windows in the same room as the electronic device.

Now then, you may want to unplug your electronics to prevent them from sparking or anything that may start a disaster.

Once you have your electronics unplugged, place it in a large bed bug heater bag if you own one.

If not, then you may go to this website and purchase one.

Now that you have all of the electronics placed inside the large bag, you may want to lock them up in the bag and set the temperature to 50 degrees Celsius.

Then wait for the temperature until it reaches 50 degrees Celsius around the room to make the process faster.

Take note that your electronics should be placed in the bag for a minimum of half an hour to complete the heating up process which will then eliminate all bed bugs.

Bed bugs cannot withstand extreme temperatures coming from the heat; that is why this method is one of the highly used ones out there.

Remember to dispose of the bag outside once you’ve done the process to prevent live pests from creeping back into your home.


Step #2. Vacuuming

This method works on all electronics, but it’s especially effective when bed bugs have infested your computer.

Now to do this, unplug the computer from the socket to turn it off and avoid possible harm that may cause you danger furthermore.

Then you now want to start vacuuming the outsides of your computer to avoid dust particles from going in.

Unscrew the cover once you are done cleaning the outsides of the system.

Check all possible areas that the bugs may have infected.

Once you are done inspecting, start by vacuuming the insides of the system from corner to corner.

We recommend that you take out the parts that are installed insides so you can thoroughly clean your unit without worries furthermore.

When done, use any source of light to check the area once again.

There may be a possibility that live bed bugs may still roam around your system when you’re done.


Step #3. Steam cleaning

Turn off all of your electronics and put them down if it is placed above furniture.

Sometimes vacuums have their limits, too; they cannot reach certain areas that bed bugs may have been staying in for a long time.

That is where steaming comes in the scenario.

Steaming is one of the most effective methods to kill bed bugs in any situation.

They can be easily killed by extreme heat, which simply means it’s an easy job for the steaming machine.



Now that we have answered the question “How To Treat Electronics For Bed Bugs?”

I hope that you have learned something new from the methods above.

These are only a few of the most effective and efficient methods we’ve discovered.

And once you’ve mastered them, you can apply them to any bed bug situation.

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