How To Transport A Fridge? 3 Easy-To-Follow Steps You Should Follow!

How to transport a fridge? When moving out, the first thing people would think of is how to move your fridge. You should handle this bulky appliance with care, or you will damage its components. That’s why you should plan how to move it out of your house.

As we all know, having a refrigerator at one’s home is essential; with that, you can store items of different kinds that need preservation until the next meal.

With the help of freezing, it slows down the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes that causes food to rot quickly. It slows down decomposition. And that is why it is an essential item to have in one’s home. So, let’s say today you’re moving houses and don’t know how to transport them.

Well, there are some factors that you should consider when transporting a fridge. It may sound hard at first, but actually, it’s easy enough for you to handle. Good thing you’ve come to the right article, with that, we can help you out with your problem. So keep on reading to know more about our topic.


Transporting A Fridge From One Place To Another

How to transport a fridge? Transporting items such as electronics can be a burden since some parts may break if not handled properly because cars tend to move and bounce a lot that may cause damage to your properties. Thus you cannot ensure the safety of your appliances, especially for those who are fragile, since they are susceptible to small movements and may hit edges.

A refrigerator is one example of that; it may appear large in your eyes, but it is fragile, especially with the small parts in its internal systems. So to ensure that your appliance is safe, we’ve found some practical ways to deal with your problem. They are easy to do too.

When owning a house for the first time, it is one of the necessities that you’ll need when you first move in, other than a bed, television, and other stuff out there. You’ll need it to store your groceries, foods, beverages, liquids, and any other items you’d like to put inside it.

Refrigerators come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs to choose from; depending on how tall or large you like, there are many options to pick. Let’s say that you’ve purchased one and you don’t know how to transport it since it is your first time buying an appliance that big.

If that’s the case, then we can help you out. Once this is accomplished, we can assure you that you can enjoy spending your time drinking or eating after it’s done. Here are the simple ways of dealing with it; take your time to follow these so you won’t need to waste your time doing anything.


Step #1. Prepare your fridge

Before anything else, the first thing that you should always do is unplug your refrigerator to avoid any injuries or damages that may happen in the process.

If you have a big cooler, then suitable, use it as temporary storage when you’ve removed all the goods from your refrigerator since it will take some time to move. After you’ve taken everything out of the fridge, make a basic baking soda and water solution. Then, use a cloth or a few wipes to apply to the affected regions.

You’ll want to clean the areas thoroughly since we don’t want any smell or leakage during the transportation, which is why defrosting should be done. Let the refrigerator door stay open for hours before transporting it to a new location. Also, roll up the power cord to avoid any accidents.


Step #2. Move your refrigerator

When moving something wide and heavy, always make sure that you clear the pathway beforehand to carry out your refrigerator with ease.

Then now, secure your door with electrical tape or with a rope, this is so that the door doesn’t keep on opening when being transported. Once it is all covered up, start by moving the refrigerator slowly, ensuring that the cord is placed inside to avoid damages. But to make things easier, it would be best to use a dolly to move a fridge; anyway, it’s best for you to know how to move a fridge without a dolly.

Regardless, you have two options for carrying this. It may be done either standing up or with the aid of four persons carrying it on their backs. Now that the refrigerator is near transportation, you’ll want to wrap a cloth or bubble wrap so that it absorbs the shock coming from the vehicle.

Open vehicles are the most preferred ones when moving appliances. If you have one, then good for you, put a platform so that the fridge goes into there. Slowly put it into the open area, and with the help of heavy-duty ropes, tie them onto the appliance making sure that it stays and holds tight. Now close up your car and ready your things to be transported. It’s helpful for you to know how to move a fridge in a pickup truck


Step #3. Final step

Now that you’ve arrived at your destination, start unwrapping your appliance and bring it into the place where you desire to put it. Let it rest for a minimum of 4 hours to let the compressor oil settle. After those hours of waiting, you can now set up your fridge once again. Here is how long you should wait before using your new fridge.



And that is how to transport a fridge from one place to another. Again, bring some friends to help you move it, especially if it is placed in a high area. It may be hard to do it yourself, and it may end badly if you attempt to. In that case, you can contact a professional mover to help you out; they can do it with ease too. If you still do not need to use the fridge, here’s how to store a fridge.

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