Easy Guides on How to Transition Your Graco Stroller

One of the most important purchases a parent makes is their stroller. It becomes your baby’s home away from home for many years and you want to make sure it is safe, comfortable and durable.

When children grow out of one stage in life, how do we transition them into the next? This how-to guide will show you how to transition your Graco Stroller with ease!

How to Transition Your Graco Stroller

How to fold a Peg Perego double stroller

Some of the features that make this stroller a great buy are:

Large, spacious seats for all ages and sizes.

Easy access for children on either side with a one-handed fold making it easy to load in any vehicle. Rotating canopy offers protection from sun or rain so baby can stay cool inside regardless of how hot outside is!

The compact frame makes storage an absolute breeze even when not using it as a double stroller. All you have to do is remove some infant head supports and rotate them into place before storing them away.​ ​It also comes with four wheels instead of three which allows better.


How to change Graco stroller modes

Remove the infant seat and attach it to the stroller frame.

Remove the carseat adapter by loosening the strap, pull up on it while pushing down on the knob at its base. You can now lift it out of place onto your trunk after removing it from baby’s vehicle carrier or Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat​

You may need assistance in lifting how heavy this item is when full (approximately 23lbs). Remove all items before attempting to move alone!

WARNING: Do not leave the child unattended in the product – always keep an eye on children so they do not get hurt if you are adjusting any part of this item such as folding, unfolding and attaching parts/apart. Always make sure the wheels are locked before placing them in a new location.


Steps on How to Transition my Graco Stroller

Have your child sit in the stroller and let them get a feel of how it feels. This will help them with their decision on how they want to transition out of babyhood.

Next, have your child try pushing the stroller themselves for a while and see how that goes. The ability to push is important when transitioning into an older age group because children are often too small or short to put up enough pressure needed for walking long distances without getting tired.

Put some items like books or toys near the handles so they can reach while sitting down if desired but this isn’t necessary at all! We just wanted you to know it’s possible! 🙂

Notes: Remember not every Graco Strollers transitions well from infant to toddler.

For example, the Graco DuoGlider is an umbrella stroller so it doesn’t do well with a child on the front and back seats!


How to fold a Pliko p3 stroller

There are a few variations we want to cover how to fold the Pliko P-Series stroller.

The first is an easy way of how you can quickly and easily fold your full-size Pliko P-series with one hand by pulling up on both locks.

This will release the back two wheels, which should already be unlocked from their locked position if they were positioned correctly for folding. The second variation requires more hands but it’s still super quick! This method also has the benefit of making sure that all four wheels have been fully released before placing away or storing in tight spaces like cars etc.

To do this pull down hard on both front handles so until there is enough pressure built up inside and then push forward with both hands. You will hear a clack as the back wheels are freed from their locked position and you can then release your grip on the handles to complete folding.


How to Clean a Peg Perego Stroller

Remove any items from the basket and remove the seat pad if applicable. Wipe down frame, handlebar, wheel rims with mild soap or water solution. Allow drying fully before using again.

For fabric seats and pads use only spot cleaning in order not to damage the material. For best results spray the surface with vinegar mixed 50/50 with warm water first then wipe away dirt using a soft cloth dipped in soapy water.


How to Attach a Carseat to an Evenflo Stroller

Loosen LATCH straps at the back of your carseat. -Slide the looped strap onto a metal hook on either side of the stroller and tighten it to secure it in place.

You can either press down or pull up on harness adjustment to release it for use once you’re ready.


How to Install an Evenflo Car Seat Without the Base

Place the car seat in the recliner mode on top of an Evenflo stroller. -Press down on the base with your hand, and push until you hear a clicking sound to lock it into place.”

Tighten LATCH straps at the back of the carseat for added security. Adjust harness as needed.


How to Clean Your Graco Strollers

Graco recommends spot cleaning only when not using their fabrics or pads. For fabric seats and pads use only spot cleaning in order not to damage the material. For best results spray the surface with vinegar mixed 50/50 with warm water first then wipe away dirt using a soft cloth dipped in soapy water.

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