How To Transform A Room For A Wedding Reception

It’s very easy to learn how to transform a room for a wedding reception by considering four decorating tips. We will provide suggestions and examples that you can use in different venues and have them transformed into a classy wedding reception.

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how to transform a room for a wedding reception


How To Transform A Room For A Wedding Reception Venue With Class


Arrange the space with a focal point

A room will only look like a reception if you arrange a focal point in the area. For example, a traditional wedding reception has the couple as the focal point, so you want to select where to put the sweetheart table or head table

The head table means that the couple will also have their wedding party with them. Therefore, consider the table size so the room won’t look all over the place.

Then, with the head table at the front, you can have the dance floor in the middle of the room. Depending on the size of the reception you booked, arrange the tables and chairs around the area, and don’t forget a space at the side for the wedding DJ. 


Use drapes in the room 

An easy and affordable way to transform any room into a wedding reception is with drapes. Fabric drapes can be the backdrop to make an area look more bridal and elegant. 

You can have it behind the head table or cake table, but drapes can also hide an area of the room that you somewhat have concealed, especially in wedding photos. If the space is massive, fabric drapes can also act as the divider in the room. 

You can use one area as the section for food, while the other for parties. Here is what fabric is used for wedding draping to know more, and select the material you want for the wedding theme. 


Transform the wedding venue with flowers

Nothing speaks of weddings as obviously as flowers around the room. When you browse various wedding reception ideas, you’ll find that their common element is flowers. 

Place flower garlands all over the ceiling, arch, or even as huge pieces all around the venue. Don’t forget to use floral centerpieces on your wedding reception tables as well. 

And, of course, an iconic decor combination that will make you immediately think of a wedding is white tulle fabric and flowers. Refer to how many flowers for a wedding to know how much to order. 


Try different lighting wedding decoration ideas

Planning your lighting system is the final decorating tip to transform a space into a wedding reception. Besides the main lights that will illuminate the reception, you can place other decorative lights and LED covers strategically all over the room. 

Lights can set the room’s mood, so you can make some parts intentionally dimmer for a more intimate feel. Then, consider string lights, lanterns, and a single chandelier to make the room look classy and more wedding-like. 

Read what is uplighting wedding to know more about using lights with the intention to enhance the room. You can use this specific lighting system for highlighting certain wedding decors. 


How Do You Transform A Venue?

  • Soften the room with chiffon, satin, or tulle draping
  • Cover the walls with draping or learn how to make a backdrop for a wedding reception
  • Cover the tables and chairs with fabrics and decorate with flowers according to the wedding theme
  • Incorporate bridal decors such as lace, pearls, or white bouquets all over the venue 
  • Use decorative wedding signs and place cards
  • Use a formal plating arrangement
  • Experiment with lighting
  • Use romantic furniture to fill space in the venue
  • Use your wedding favors as decors
  • Have a wedding arch or several columns in the venue
  • Display the wedding food nicely 
  • Make sure the room has enough space for the guests’ movements

If you’re using a gym, read how to decorate a gym for a wedding for a more detailed guide. 


How Can I Make A Cheap Wedding Reception?

To save on wedding reception costs, consider having a small wedding with few guests. The shorter your guest list is, the smaller venue you’ll need so that you won’t spend as much. 

A smaller venue also means you’re using fewer decorations and renting less chairs and tables, so you’re further saving on expenses. Furthermore, why not have the wedding reception somewhere free?

Small weddings are typically held in the backyard. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the rate per hour of your reception since you already own the place.


How Do You Simplify A Wedding Reception?

  • Invite under 20 guests only
  • Consider an outdoor wedding reception that doesn’t need that much decorating
  • Opt for a simple wedding reception theme like romantic or classic as it won’t need that many colors and textures like other themes such as boho or retro
  • Have a semi-formal or dressy casual dress code for the reception
  • Shorten the program of the reception



And that’s it! We just learned how to transform a room for a wedding reception by having a focal point, using drapes, decorating with flowers, and finishing the space with different lights. 

Keep your wedding theme in mind, so the room has a coherent look. And if you have the budget, consider having a wedding decorator. 

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