How to Tighten a Swivel Chair: 5 Simple Steps

A loose swivel chair is a problem that many people have to deal with. It can cause back and neck pain, as well as discomfort in the hips and lower back.

The good news is that tightening a loose swivel chair is not difficult, you just need to know how to do it! In this blog post, we will walk through five simple steps on how to tighten a swivel chair so you don’t have problems again.

how to tighten a swivel chair


Steps on Tightening Swivel Chair

Step 1. First, take the bolts that hold on the swivel seat to your desk and unscrew them.

Step 2. Then set a chair next to it so you can use it as a step stool while you work underneath the chair’s base because this will make it easier for you when tightening all of those bolts.

Step 3. Next, find where the holes are in your base plate (the metal piece under your chair) and screw some screws or nails through them into the wood of your flooring beneath – how many depends on how loose they were beforehand.

If there aren’t any holes then put one of these pieces on either side of each bolt hole with their heads facing up towards you. Find how long they need to be by using two of them side by side.

Step 4. If you don’t have any screws or nails, then use a rubber band and tie it around the hole until it’s tight enough to stop wobbling.

Step 5. Next move onto how loose your upholstery is – if there are threads that show then find where they insert into the chair frame (usually found on four points of each leg) and tighten those bolts with an Allen key as much as needed for your seat cover to be taught again.

Step 6. Finally put back all of the pieces pulled out beforehand in reverse order so you end up at how everything was when we started.


How do you Stabilize a Swivel Chair?

The first thing to do is to find how much it has been wobbling – if you’re not sure how to try sitting on the chair and slowly turning around.

If you see a significant amount of movement then there’s quite probably an issue with how loose your upholstery or screws are.

Next move onto how tight the bolts are that hold the seat cover in place – these can be found at each side of the bottom leg section (usually four). These should be tightened until they stop moving as this will provide more stability for both your swivel chair and yourself when on it.

Next, tighten all other furniture fittings/bolts too so everything matches how secure it was originally before any adjustments were made.

Lastly, think about how you’re sitting on the chair – if your hips are too high then this may be why it’s moving around.

The seat should come up to just below your hip bone so ensure that this is how you are positioning yourself when seated and see how much of a difference this makes in stopping movement from occurring altogether.

Once finished, sit back and enjoy an extra level of stability as well as being more comfortable!


How do you fix a Loose Swivel Chair?

The first thing is unscrewing all the screws on one side of your chairs leg(s) with a screwdriver, usually wrapped in plastic at the bottom of the chair’s box.

Now you can open up the leg of your chair (s) by unscrewing it and moving all those individual parts that are holding it together, so they lay flat on top of each other in a row, with any screw holes facing upwards.

Replace one side of screws into their designated hole at the bottom of the chair’s leg (usually pre-marked with an x). Then take a small piece of wood or plastic to hold them in place while working from underneath if need be.

Now flip over your chairs’ seat upside down onto its legs that have been reassembled and then position how high you want it to sit before attaching this new section back onto the tail end again using screws.

Now flip the seat/back of your chair back up and tighten all the screws. Put on a fresh layer of paint, if desired. Seal it with an outdoor sealant to prevent cracking or chipping in cold temperatures.


Can Swivel Chairs be Repaired?

Yes, swivel chairs can be repaired. You will need a few tools and parts to get the job done like some glue, a putty knife or a small screwdriver set.

Swivel chairs typically come with two sets of arms with screws that hold them in place which you may have noticed during installation when we first tightened them down after assembling the chair back together. The seatbacks are connected by a pivot point on each side also held in place by screws below its top frame.”


How do you Adjust an old Swivel Chair?

If you have an old swivel chair that needs adjusting, it is important to know how far the chair can move in each direction.

Depending on how many arms are screwed into place for stability, unscrew one arm at a time and measure how much space there is from the seat of the chair to where it meets with the bottom frame – this should be about 12 inches if your measurements don’t match up then we recommend adding another set of screws just below these points.”


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