How To Tie Mattress To Roof Rack In 2 Easy Steps

You can master how to tie mattress to roof rack in two easy steps. We’ve simplified the process to help you understand it and succeed safely. It will be a useful technique to remember if you don’t think it’s necessary to ship your mattress

We will also talk about what you need to consider before transporting a mattress on a roof rack. Remember that there are laws to follow, and you have to ensure your safety while driving. Bookmark this article now and scroll below!

How To Tie Mattress To Roof Rack


How To Tie A Mattress To Your Roof Rack

Please follow your rack, vehicle, and mattress instructions when strapping the latter on the roof. After following your manuals, this two-step guide is what you can do to secure the bed further in the roof car itself after you tied it to the rack’s railings. 


Step #1. Preparation

Before anything else, you need to prepare everything you’ll need to avoid issues as you start tying your mattress. You’ll need to have the mattress bag,  some duct tape, enough rope to secure the bed on the roof, scissors, and a pair of working gloves. You also want to have someone that can help you with the mattress. 

Once you have the materials, please gauge if the size of your mattress and vehicle roof will work together. Shipping a large bed on a small vehicle will be unsafe, and you risk violating traffic rules. If everything is still okay at this point, you can pack your mattress in its bag to protect it from dust and the weather during travel. 

The next step is tying the mattress to the roof rack. The two primary materials to check here are the rack and the rope, and we’ll discuss them in more detail later on. For now, secure enough durable rope for the task. 


Step #2. Tying

You’ll need enough rope to secure the mattress in the middle and across its length. So if your mattress is around 7 feet long, prepare a 14-feet rope. As for the width, take your bed’s measurement and multiply it by four. 

Now, you’re ready to place the mattress in the middle of the roof rack. It would be best if you did this with another friend to help you. Then, place the first long rope piece over the mattress length to secure it under the front and under the car’s back.

Check if the knots are secured, and then start with the second rope for the mattress width. Open all the windows of your car except the driver’s side and loop the rope back through them. For reinforcement, do this practice twice before you tie the two rope ends. 


Other considerations to remember

We have mentioned using the rope to tie a mattress to the roof rack to understand the process. However, the better option would be ratchet straps because they can keep your bed in place better against the wind. You’re less likely to stress the knot during traveling, especially if the distance is long. 

Furthermore, never allow any overhang when you have the mattress on the roof rack. It’s dangerous since it will block the driver’s field of view. Most states have laws against having a bed hanging over the windshield. 


Can You Tie Things To The Roof Of Your Car?

You can tie things on your car’s roof, whether you have a rack or not. Having a roof rack is safer and more efficient because you can take advantage of the rails when tying an item. However, there are some tips to remember when using a roof rack. 


When using a roof rack

You want to have the heavy things on top of the lighter ones and then cover the load with netting to keep them in place. For larger items that can catch the wind, you should also strap them to the car itself for added protection with updraft or high speed. Then, use ratchet straps to tie the roof rack through your car doors. 


When using a bare roof

If you don’t have a roof rack, you can check your car instructions for the maximum weight recommendation when tying things on the roof. You can follow our guide above, where we discussed how to tie the mattress to the roof itself after you strapped it to the roof rack. And since you run the straps through the doors, twist them first to prevent additional force and noise. 


Is It Legal To Tie A Mattress To The Roof Of Your Car?

It’s legal to tie a mattress to your car roof, but you should check the traffic rules and laws in your state to avoid issues. You can also assume that you’ll be pulled over if you strapped your mattress haphazardly on your vehicle. Remember that you’re not only endangering yourself but other people as well. 

Treat your mattress like any cargo strapped on the car roof, and never let it obscure your vision. You also want to do some brake tests to check if it will stay put against high speed. 



Are you moving and you want to bring your bed with you? If you have the right size car and your mattress isn’t too big, you can learn how to tie mattress to roof rack. The key is securing the bed into the rails and then tying it again to the car itself as we discussed in this guide. 

Then, apply the tips mentioned to ensure your safety and avoid violations. Finally, remember to consider shipping your mattress instead, especially if it will overhang and block your vision while driving.