How To Tie Back Curtains Without Hooks? 5 Best Ways!

Do you want to know how to tie back curtains without hooks?

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how to tie back curtains without hooks

Curtains are often used for shades.

You can have this hanged over your windows, serving a lot of purposes.

It can be a divider, protection, or a privacy tool.

Indeed it can protect you and make you feel comfortable in so many ways.

But then there are times where you will need some fresh air and a good amount of sunlight.

The only way to do that one is to tie your curtains, although do you know how to tie back one without hooks?

If you don’t, then that’s fine. We can help you out with that. Just stay with us until the end of this article.


Ways To Tie Back Curtains Without Hooks

Tying your curtains to see a beautiful view or breathe a nice amount of fresh air is just fulfilling.

One of the most common ways of how to tie back your curtains is by using hooks.

But then it is not appealing.

You can opt for other options, and we will give you a wide range of options to choose from. It is up to you to decide.

I am sure that you are familiar with the ties or ribbons you can buy for your curtains.

They are locally available.

There are so many types of curtain ties available. It is up to you to choose what is needed in your house.

It must go along with your curtain and the theme of the whole room and it should also allow you to provide aesthetics.

Not only to serve its purpose of holding the curtain in place to see the view outside the window.

So, how to tie back curtains without hooks?


Option #1. A rope

The rope is one of the most common things people use to tie back a curtain. It is plain and simple, but it serves the purpose.

There are wide colors of rope available but then having it simple and plain in color is way better.

It would look nice and pretty in just white and no longer over decorating the area where the curtain is placed.

Some rope tiebacks can be locked and closed.


Option #2. Use a tassel

tassel is just like a ribbon with a decorative end in both of its ends to make it look good.

It is mainly colored white, and the tassel is the only one that has colors in it.

You can then find them in shops.

These things are easy to find online or even oh physical stores.

You have to pick the right and nice color.

It should match the color of your curtain or even complement or contrast it.

You will tie it like how you tie your regular ribbon.

Make a ribbon that would look nice and gorgeous.

Do not just tie it in a way that it looks plain and tangled or unarranged.


Option #3. Use some animal type ties

There are ties made for children’s rooms.

Those are animal-designed ties that would look like it hugging the curtains.

It is often made with Velcro tape as the lock to make sure that it is easy to lock and unlock.

You can have these to match the theme of your children’s room.

Kids like animals and some more characters; putting a tie like this would help you out big time.

They would have more reasons to stay in their room and enjoy the view.


Option #4. DIY curtain ties

You can also make your tie for your curtains and choose either which design you want.

A plain and simple curtain tie can look more beautiful if you enhance it by putting designs and more artistic features in it.

You can base it on the theme you have for your room and curtain, like have some flowers or any other clip art.

Just use fabric glue or a glue gun to make sure that it will hold in place, or else you’ll see it fall one by one.


Option #5. Make a tie the same fabric and color as your curtain

Another option you can have is to tie the excess fabric used for your curtains.

That one is better because it will look good and simple.

However, it is a problem if you do not know how to make one.

You can ask someone who knows how to make ties out of the excess fabric you have.

It is not that hard, but you would still know if you want to. That is one way to save money.

Less hassle means less money to spend.



And now we are done with our articles.

We hope that you have learned a lot from us today.

Good thing we have answered the question, how to tie back curtains without hooks?

I am hoping that you can apply these in your own experience. Have fun in choosing and enjoy!