How To Tie A Tie For A Wedding: 2 Best Knots

It should be easy to learn how to tie a tie for a wedding once you know the two best knots for the occasion. We will also discuss how to style the necktie of a male guest, groom, and groomsmen, so you have many choices when attending a wedding. 

And because the tie is not the only important aspect of the men’s attire at a wedding, please read what color suit to wear to a wedding. The proper tie and suit can make you look dapper for formal events and occasions. 

how to tie a tie for a wedding


How Do You Tie A Wedding Tie?

The two best knots to do for a wedding ceremony necktie are full Windsor and half Windsor. Whether you’re the groom or a wedding guest, they should both look appropriate.


How to do a full Windsor knot for a wedding tie

Since most weddings are formal, the best way to tie your tie is with a full Windsor knot. It’s not complicated to do and it would even compliment you if you’re wearing something with an English spread collar or you want to make your neck look shorter. 

  1. Grab the wide end of the necktie and cross it over the narrower end; do this near the collar
  2. Loop the wide end of the tie through the neck loop and bring it under the knot
  3. Have the wide end over the neck loop and pull it over the front of the knot
  4. Take the tie through the bottom of the neck loop and pull it down through the front of the knot
  5. Hold the narrow end of the tie as you adjust the knot upward, wherever feels comfortable against your collar


How to do a half Windsor knot for a wedding tie

An easier alternative to the Windsor knot is the half and less bulky version. It’s would suit a wedding where you’ll wear an open and wide-collared shirt, typically those with semi-formal dress codes or if you feel like using a festive tie, usually made of something slippery like satin. 

  1. Grab the tie’s wide end and cross it over the narrow end close to your collar
  2. Have the wide end through the neck loop and wrap it behind the knot
  3. Pull the necktie around the front of the knot and make a loop with the wide end 
  4. Feed the loop through the bottom of the neck hold
  5. Tighten the half Windsor knot by grabbing the end through the loop in front of the knot 


How Do You Tie A Groom?

Besides the Windsor and half Windsor knots, grooms can consider the asymmetrical knot called the Prince Albert knot for their tie. This type of knot should complement any face shape and collar of the groom. 

  1. Position the tie’s wide end on your left and the narrow end on your right, then cross the former over and behind the latter
  2. Grab the wide end over and behind again so that there is a space for pulling the tie through
  3. Bring the wide end over the middle again, then feed it through the hole that formed underneath
  4. Grab and slide the tie’s tip through the first loop you made for pulling down
  5. Pull the tie tightly by having your index finger between the tie and thumb and middle fingers on each side
  6. Adjust the knot by sliding accordingly


How to tie a tie for a groomsman

Groomsmen can consider a bow tie for the wedding. In fact, it’s appropriate to wear a bow tie on a very formal or black-tie wedding

  1. Position the bow tie face up and adjust the left side so that it’s a tad longer than the right side
  2. Cross the left side over the right side and loop it through the hole
  3. Pull tightly and drape the left side over your right shoulder
  4. Hold the right side horizontally and move it to the middle until you see the bow tie shape from the fold
  5. Bring in the other side and fold it vertically over the shape, but pinch the ends of the fold so there will be a hole forming behind
  6. Fold the vertical end up and guide it through the hole to finish the bow tie
  7. Tighten the bow tie as you like by pulling the folded ends


What Kind Of Tie To Wear To A Wedding?


Wedding dress code

The type of tie to make for a wedding should suit the occasion. For example, the Windsor knot for formal weddings is appropriate, while the half Windsor is more fitting for a semi-formal event. 


Collar type

The shape and size of the tie’s knot should complement your collar. For example, thick knots shouldn’t pair with a narrow collar because it wouldn’t look flattering. 


Tie type

Neckties vary in length, and they factor in the tie you must do for a wedding because the tip of the tie must rest above your belt. For example, the Prince Albert knot is suitable if your tie is long.



And that’s it! You just learned how to tie a tie for a wedding with the two best wedding tie knots: Windsor and half Windsor.

Some other alternatives to try include Prince Albert and bow tie. Overall, remember to consider the event’s formality, the collar of the shirt you’ll wear, and the type of tie itself. 

And for the groom’s parents, why not read what to give your son on his wedding day besides helping him with his tie?

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