How To Throw A Baby Shower At A Park

It’s easy to learn how to throw a baby shower at a park with our five tips below. We’ll help you find the best venue for the party and share ideas for the decorations and food for the park baby shower. 

You’ll also know the park to consider for having a baby shower if you live in California. And if your chosen venue has a pavilion, we’ve written another helpful guide on how to decorate a park pavilion for a baby shower

how to throw a baby shower at a park


5 Tips How To Throw A Baby Shower At A Park 


Find a park for the baby shower

Find a park within your area that is also convenient for the guests. It can be a park close to the guest of honor’s home to make it easier for friends and family to attend. 

You might also envision a particular set-up and theme for the baby shower, so select a park that best provides the space for the party. For example, you may want a pavilion or a lake view for the guests. 


Know the restrictions of the public space

The second consideration when having a park as a venue for the baby shower venue is the restrictions. It’s a public space, so when you schedule a specific area, know the limits regarding the noise and decorations you can have at the park. 

You should also schedule some parks in advance to ensure the venue will be available for the baby shower. And if there are special event fees and permits, accomplish them in time to avoid issues. 


Bring decorations and items for the baby shower

After knowing the restrictions and laws in the park, you can bring the decorations and other items based on the baby shower theme to transform the venue for the party. Perhaps you can decorate the park’s gazebo, or you’ll arrange the chairs for the guests. 

Note that in some parks, you may not be able to decorate. Instead, consider a picnic-style baby shower and have everyone sitting on picnic blankets. 

What about baby shower games? You might be limited with the games you can play with everyone since the park is a public space.

Avoid games that might get too noisy or need too many areas that you’ll bother the other people at the park.


Plan the foods for the park baby shower

The food items you’ll bring to the baby shower at the park should also be considered since it’s an outdoor venue. You want to avoid food and drinks that might spoil quickly under the sun. 

For convenience in set-up, you can do a tea party-style baby shower rather than a brunch requiring dinnerware and tables. You might also choose only to serve finger foods and sweets for the outdoor baby shower. 

And, of course, provide places for various food disposals to minimize and avoid littering the park. You should give the baby shower guests accessible trash cans or boxes for their litter. 


Prepare for the weather

The final consideration when having a park baby shower is the weather. In some locations, you might be able to bring a tent to the venue. 

But if not, select a spot with a tree for shade or have the baby shower in the morning or late in the day for comfort. It might also be better to consider an indoor party venue if it’s raining or snowing heavily on the baby shower date. 

Did you know that some baby showers don’t even require a venue? If you’re considering this, read what is a drive by baby shower


Do People Have Baby Showers At Parks?

It’s perfectly acceptable for the hosts to throw baby showers at parks. For one, some parks are free to have for the party or would only require a small fee compared to renting a venue. 

You also don’t need to spend a lot on the decor as the outdoor space is already picturesque on its own. Furthermore, baby showers in parks can mean you can limit the time for the event compared to having the baby shower in your own backyard. 

You can cut costs since the baby shower doesn’t need to last for several hours. And finally, the park might be a convenient location for everyone attending the event. 


Where Is The Best Location To Have A Baby Shower At A Park?

There are different parks to consider for various baby shower themes. But of course, you must consider the location and restrictions of the venue. 

You can consider the designated picnic areas of Griffith Park in Los Angeles if you live in California. The facility use fee for a 100-person event costs $100, and if you have 100 guests, you’ll also pay for staffing fees.

Baby showers rarely have over 50 guests, so it’s unlikely that you’ll need staff. You can also check the park’s other facilities for the baby shower. 

Always read about the policies and rules of whichever park you choose. You can also write about it on the baby shower’s social media page to let the guests know what they should and shouldn’t do in the public space.



And that’s it! To recap how to throw a baby shower at a park, find a local park, know the restrictions and acquire the permits, decide on the decor and food, and prepare for the weather. 

Overall, parks make ideal baby shower venues as they’re affordable and picturesque. Their only drawback is the limitation with games and other activities as parks are public. 

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