How To Thread A Universal Sewing Machine In 2 Steps

You can learn how to thread a Universal sewing machine in two steps. This tutorial is particular for the model UN50, so you still need to research additional instructions if you own another Universal unit. We will also talk more about this brand to help you use their model correctly. 

Speaking of threading a machine, do you already know how to set up a sewing machine? It will benefit you to learn the dos and don’ts of preparing the device for use, regardless of the brand.

how to thread a universal sewing machine


How To Thread A Universal Sewing Machine Correctly


Step 1. Go through the guides

  • Refer to the manual of the specific Universal unit you have and study the diagrams for threading
  • Raise the needle as much as possible
  • Place the thread spool on its pin
  • Follow the diagram on the manual to know the sequence for going through the thread guides of the Universal sewing machine

Step 2. Finish threading

  • Have the thread around the tension disk and into the notch on the check spring
  • Lead the thread under the thread guide bar and onto the take-up lever right to left
  • Guide the thread down the bar, through the guide, and over the needle
  • Thread the needle right to left

How To Use A Universal Sewing Machine?

How to insert the needle on a Universal sewing machine

  1. Raise the needle bar as much as possible
  2. Loosen the needle clamp screw, and place the needle on the clamp by pushing it up
  3. Once the needle can’t go deeper into the clamp, retighten the screw with a screwdriver
  4. Rotate the handwheel to reposition the needle into the correct position

How to wind the bobbin on a Universal sewing machine

  1. Turn the clutch counterclockwise to disengage the handwheel
  2. Place a thread spool on one of the pins and have the thread around the set of guides on the arm
  3. Thread the bobbin hole and put the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle
  4. Check if you secured the bobbin in place then hold the thread loosely
  5. Wind the machine and after it’s finished, reengage the sewing mechanism
  6. Cut off the loose thread end


How to thread the bobbin case on a Universal sewing machine

  1. Hold the bobbin case, ensuring that the slot on its edge is on top
  2. The thread on top should lead left to right when you hold the bobbin between your thumb and forefinger
  3. Put the bobbin to its case and have the thread into the slot 
  4. Draw the thread under the tension spring and into the opening of the spring

How to adjust the thread tension on a Universal sewing machine

  1. Have the presser foot down and check if you threaded the unit properly
  2. Turn the tension dial clockwise to increase the upper thread tension and counterclockwise to decrease the upper thread tension
  3. In projects that require you to adjust the bobbin tension, find the screw on the side of the bobbin case
  4. Turn the screw in small increments clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen the bobbin thread or lower thread tension
  5. The upper tension is too tight when the lower thread is pulled up and over the upper thread or needle thread
  6. The upper tension is too loose when the upper thread loops over the bobbin thread

Who Makes Universal Sewing Machine?

The manufacturer that first made the Universal sewing machine was Standard Sewing Equipment, which Singer owned. The company Singer then sold it to White, but you will also find that some machines were made by Koyo Machine Industries, a Japanese manufacturer that built it for the Standard Sewing Equipment. 

Are Universal Sewing Machines Worth Anything?

Unlike other vintage and antique models, Universal sewing machines are not that valuable. However, you will find users who still have models from the 1970s that are still working. You can also consider checking your Universal sewing machine’s serial number and discuss with other collectors to determine its value.

How Does A Self Threading Needle Work?

Schmetz introduced so-called self-threading or handicap needles to make threading much easier and quicker. These needles are especially useful if your sewing machine doesn’t have a built-in threader. To give you an idea of how a self-threading needle works, its eye has a slot on one side, so you can just pull the thread into it or hold the thread tight against the inside portion of the needle to slide it into the slot. 

What Will Happen If The Machine Threading Is Incorrect?

It’s important to thread the sewing machine correctly to work smoothly and avoid issues during sewing. For example, your machine might develop thread bunching, skip stitches, make variable stitches, or you may notice seam puckering. If you’re wondering why my sewing machine thread keeps breaking, you may also need to check how you threaded your device. 

Threading the machine is relatively simple, but it’s better if you also have the manual. Follow the diagram for the sequence on threading the guides, and the rest will be self-explanatory.



Was this article helpful? We just went through how to thread a Universal sewing machine, which is as simple as following the guides until you reach the needle. The rest of setting up the unit is also no different from other brands. 

Overall, we recommend that you check the manuals we linked to ensure that you’ll use your machine correctly. And if you have more questions, leave them below.  


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