How To Thread A Nelco Sewing Machine In 2 Steps

We simplified it into two steps for those who want to know how to thread a Nelco sewing machine. You will also learn tips for fixing and troubleshooting a Belco sewing machine properly. They are simple solutions that anyone can do. 

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how to thread a nelco sewing machine


How To Thread A Nelco Sewing Machine At Home


Step 1. Wind the bobbin

  • Turn the handwheel of the Nelco sewing machine to move the needle to the highest position
  • Remove the bobbin from the sewing machine
  • Place a thread pool in the pin and wind the bobbin
  • Remove it after it’s fully winded and insert the bobbin in its case
  • Draw the thread under the tension spring
  • Raise the needle to the highest position and secure the bobbin case to the sewing machine
  • Let at least four inches of thread hanging from the bobbin

Step 2. Thread the upper thread 

  • Turn the handwheel to raise the take-up lever completely
  • Have the thread to the designated guides in order
  • Hold the upper thread and raise the needle with the lower thread
  • Draw the upper thread to pull up the lower thread
  • Place both threads under the presser foot

How To Fix The Tension On The Nelco Sewing Machine?

  1. Check if the tension you selected is compatible with the material you’re sewing
  2. Locate the dial on your Nelco sewing machine and turn it to a higher or lower number to increase or decrease the tension
  3. If there is still an issue with the tension, you need to rethread the sewing machine or check if the thread weight is compatible with your project

Why Is The Needle Not Moving On The Nelco Sewing Machine?

Not threading your Nelco sewing machine properly can cause the needle also not to move. So first, you need to thread the machine correctly then check if the bobbin winder switch is in the position for sewing. You may also need to check if the foot pedal is installed correctly.

How To Fix Your Nelco Sewing Machine

  1. Read and study the Nelco sewing machine manual
  2. Make sure that you clean and oil your Nelco sewing machine properly
  3. Check the parts for correct installation and replace the broken ones
  4. Use the correct thread and needle for the material you’re sewing
  5. Rewind the bobbin or rethread the sewing machine if needed
  6. Check the sewing machine tension

Here is how to service a sewing machine if you want to know more maintenance tips. First, however, you must follow the manual instructions tailored to the specific Nelco model you have. For more complex repairs, it’s also better to get it serviced by a professional.

How Old Is A Nelco Sewing Machine?

Based on our research, Nelco sewing machines were made in 1953, but its history is too complicated to confirm this date. If you’re curious to know how old your Nelco model is, there is no available database that you can access like with Singer. Therefore, you will need to contact a vintage shop about your sewing machine.  

How Do You Thread A Vintage Sewing Machine?

  1. Find the manual of the specific vintage model you have
  2. Place the thread spool on its spindle and the bobbin on its spool 
  3. Wrap the thread on the hook at the top of the machine or have it around the bobbin thread tension button
  4. Loosen the knob on the middle of the handwheel to disengage the wheel 
  5. Wind the bobbin and cut the thread
  6. Remove the bobbin and place it in the case
  7. Engage the handwheel and turn it to raise the needle to the highest position
  8. Thread the hook at the front of the vintage sewing machine, and then the tension knob
  9. Thread the tension lever and needle front to back
  10. Raise the needle as you’re holding the thread end to bring the bobbin thread up
  11. Pull the loop to allow the thread out and pull both threads to the back of the sewing machine

What Is The Easiest Way To Thread A Sewing Machine Needle?

Use a needle threader

  1. Pull the thread through the needle threader
  2. Align the threader above the sewing machine needle eye
  3. Slide it down to hit the needle eye while pressing the threader’s plunger part
  4. When you touched the needle eye, a piece will insert the thread into the needle
  5. Release the plunger and remove the needle
  6. Pull the thread loop through the needle eye

Does The Bobbin Thread Go Through The Needle?

The bobbin thread will never go through the needle. Remember that sewing machines use two threads, and the one that’s supposed to go through the needle is the top thread or the one coming from the spool. Then, the bottom or bobbin thread will come up through the needle plate. 


And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Nelco sewing machine, you’ll start to wind the bobbin and then thread the upper thread. The process is not that different from threading other brands where you will just follow the guides in the correct order. 

We hope this was a helpful read. Leave us a comment if you have more questions. 


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