How To Thread A Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine

The answer to how to thread a Montgomery ward sewing machine is only three steps. First, you’ll start with threading the needle and then finally making the necessary adjustments. It’s a straightforward practice that is easy to follow. 

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how to thread a montgomery ward sewing machine


How To Thread A Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine At Home


Step 1. Thread the needle

  • Place the spool of thread on the thread pin and find the guides for this upper thread
  • Go through the upper thread guides and down the tension disk 
  • Guide the thread around the check spring holder
  • Pull the thread up and through the take-up lever starting from right to left
  • Have the thread down and into the needle bar thread guide
  • Thread the needle from front to back

Step 2. Draw the bobbin thread up

  • Raise the presser foot while simultaneously holding the needle thread
  • Use your other hand to turn the handwheel to lower the needle as the take-up lever goes to the highest position
  • Draw the needle thread up to create a loop of the bobbin thread and pull up to 6 inches of each thread to go under the presser foot

Step 2. Make the necessary adjustments

  • After threading the Montgomery Ward sewing machine, test it on a scrap fabric
  • Check if you’re happy with the tension and stitching to make the necessary adjustments
  • You can constantly adjust the thread tension via the tension disk
  • If there are issues with the stitches, you may need to rethread your sewing machine, as you might’ve threaded it loosely before
  • Be mindful of winding the bobbin because the excess thread on the bobbin case will cause problems when sewing
  • Knowing the proper way to thread your sewing machine is one of the solutions when learning how to unfreeze a sewing machine, so be diligent when threading your Montgomery Ward


How To Insert The Bobbin Case In Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine

  1. Find the hook cover and open it
  2. Turn the handwheel to raise the needle
  3. Hold the latch and remove the bobbin case
  4. Insert the bobbin case securely using the horn and hook race

How Do You Wind A Bobbin In Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine?

  1. Pull the handwheel to draw the thread from the spool
  2. Have thread around the thread guide of the bobbin winder of your Montgomery Ward sewing machine
  3. Go through the bobbin hole from inside to outside
  4. Place the bobbin on its winder spindle and push it to the right
  5. Lower the foot control and stop once it makes several turns
  6. Cut the thread close to the bobbin’s hole
  7. Apply pressure on the foot control to finish winding the bobbin 
  8. Place the bobbin winder spindle to its previous position and cut the thread
  9. Adjust the handwheel to its original position

How To Thread The Bobbin Case In Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine

  1. Place the bobbin in its case and check if the thread will unwind to the correct position via the arrow indicators
  2. Pull the thread into the slot on the case
  3. Guide the thread under the tension spring
  4. Finally, thread the delivery eye and leave at least 4 inches of thread

How To Adjust The Tension And Stitch In Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine

  1. Identify the suitable thread tension for your project materials and sewing method
  2. Loosen the thread tension by moving the dial to a lower number because the bobbin thread appeared on the right side of the fabric
  3. Tighten the thread tension by moving the dial to a higher number because the needle thread appeared on the bottom side of the fabric
  4. To adjust the stitch length on the Montgomery Ward sewing machine, select the length on the dial by remembering that higher numbers mean longer stitch lengths

How To Change The Needle In Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine

  1. Turn the handwheel to raise the needle
  2. Lower the presser foot and loosen the screw on the needle clamp
  3. Remove the needle and insert the new one into the clamp, but make sure that the needle’s flat side is away from you before you secure it in place
  4. Push the needle as far as possible before tightening the needle clamp screw by hand and then with a screwdriver
  5. Read more about how to put a needle in a sewing machine for an in-depth tutorial

Who Made Montgomery Ward Sewing Machines?

Foley and Williams manufactured the early Montgomery Ward sewing machines. And until the 1950s, the National Sewing Machine Company took over before Happy Sewing Machine Company. It’s also worth noting that the signature line of Montgomery Ward is the Japanese-made sewing machine models. 


And that’s it! To recap how to thread a Montgomery Ward sewing machine, you start with the upper thread and then, draw up the bobbin thread. The adjustments for this machine are also relatively straightforward via the dials.

We hope this was a helpful read, but feel free to leave us a comment if you have any more questions. 


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