How To Test Soil pH Cannabis. 3 Best Options

Learning how to test soil ph cannabis will be advantageous to all growers, especially when they understand the three options. Remember that as a grower, learning the ins and outs of growing cannabis, such as providing the optimal environment like the greenhouse makes a big difference with yield quality. More than the area, remember that other factors like the soil will be influential to success too. 

Providing the ideal pH of the soil for cannabis is as essential as other crops. Soil pH affects the productivity of the soil, which reflects potential plant problems. With cannabis, soil pH testing gives you information on the soil’s acidity and alkalinity, which is useful for ensuring optimal growth and flowering. 


How To Test Soil pH Cannabis For Beginners


Choose your method


Option #1. Soil testing facilities

The first method for testing soil pH is checking certified soil testing laboratories and finding the nearest one for your location. You might find this option more convenient for your circumstances because they will do the testing for you and all you need to do is send the sample. The University of Massachusetts has provided a checklist that you can go to if you’re going to send soil samples. 

The factors you want to remember and apply to cannabis production include doing media tests in the growing season or sending a sample two hours after fertilizing. You also don’t want to send soil with slow-release fertilizer pellets. Then, stick to your chosen soil testing method when interpreting the results and never compare the results from one facility to another since they might differ in testing methods. 


Option #2. Handheld pH meters

The second method for testing soil pH for cannabis is more DIY-friendly but still doable by any gardener using a pH meter. In general, there are two techniques, but both are straightforward and involves inserting the probe on the soil. Learning how to use a pH meter offers many benefits. 

They include being able to readily test on your greenhouse anytime and get the results immediately. It saves time and money, and you can quickly make the necessary adjustments for your cannabis plants. However, be diligent in the method you chose, so you get reliable results. 


Option#3. Testing kits

Another DIY-friendly method is the use of testing kits. Compared to using a pH meter, a testing kit uses water and a testing solution. You’ll add these two to the soil, and you can quickly determine the pH using a colored chart. 

Testing kits are also quite affordable, and you can choose from several types to find a method you think is easy to do. Nonetheless, the concept is merely mixing soil with dechlorinated water and insert the testing material. You’ll take note of the color change and use the chart to get the pH. 


How to adjust soil pH for cannabis

In general, you want your soil for cannabis to have a pH range of 6 to 7. Being out of this range puts your plants at risk of having trouble getting their needed nutrients for growth and flowering. While having a pH range between 6 and 7 is easy to achieve, you need to know some techniques for adjusting the pH if your soil ends up being too acidic or alkaline. 

After you tested your soil pH, take note if the result is 5 below or 7 and above. A pH level measuring 5 and lower indicates acidic soil while having 7 and above means that your soil is alkaline. Either way, they are out of the recommended range that promotes health and productivity. 


How to make the soil more acidic

If your soil needs a lower pH, it means you need to raise its acidity. To do so, use an acidifier to increase the sulfur content of the soil. Check how strong your acidifier is and compute how much you’ll need for your soil to correct the pH level. 


How to make the soil more alkaline

On the contrary, if the pH is too low, you need to raise it and make the soil more alkaline. You can use lime and gauge how much you’ll need depending on its direction and soil adjustment required. With some knowledge, you can also rely on either acid or base to adjust the soil pH where adding more or fewer influences acidity or alkalinity. 


Importance Of Soil pH For Cannabis

As mentioned earlier, soil pH is a crucial factor for all growers because of its effect on the plants’ growth and flowering. The relation is from the influence of pH on the plant’s capacity to take nutrients and thrive. Having a pH range not ideal for cannabis can also lock out other nutrients and cause deficiencies. 

Another factor where soil pH plays a role is on the beneficial microbes in the soil. The microorganisms in the soil help enrich it by breaking down fertilizer, and this process would be easier if the microbes are within the ideal pH range. 



Growing cannabis requires dedication in learning and applying the optimal requirements of the plants. This involves learning how to test soil ph cannabis to ensure that your plants are taking their nutrients well and the soil’s microbes are doing their job. You have three options to test soil pH, and they include testing facilities, pH meters, and testing kits. 


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