How To Test Dryer Start Switch? 5 Best Tips!

Do you know how to test dryer start switch? This article will assist you in learning this with simple tips, so without further ado, start reading this article. Testing can be done using either an analog or digital multimeter.

Both range selection dials must be set to the lowest position with ohms of resistance. By pressing the prongs together and moving the needle to zero, the analog meter is “empty.” The self-zeroing digital meter.

how to test dryer start switch

Pinch one metal prong, just one switch with the black meter probe and the other with the red probe. Grasp the switch pole with both hands. This switch seems faulty and must be changed if the meter does not change. If the meter falls to zero, the button is working correctly, or something else is wrong. This is just an overview; you should keep reading to learn more.


How To Locate The Dryer Start Switch?

Find the start button on the dryer. This will be found on top of the dryer, underneath the control console panel. To get the entrance beneath the control panel, remove the screw(s) placed on either side of the control unit. A small section or an endcap could cover the screws you need to remove. First, detach the trim (endcap) parts. The console would most likely have to be flipped forward based on the model. To preserve the finish of the dryer, drape a cloth over it.


Tips To Test Dryer Start Switch

Loading the dryer with wet clothes isn’t a great feeling. Although there are various reasons why the dryer may not be working, in most cases, the power is turned off, and the dryer’s start switch is broken. Let’s examine the button if you’ve tested the dryer’s ability and it’s still on. A start switch on the dryer can be tested in the following way and help in understanding how to test dryer start switch.


#1. Switch off your dryer

Remove the dryer from the outlet or switch off the breaker that supplies power, whatever is more convenient for you. You’ll want to ensure the electricity is turned off because we’ll be accessing the dryer’s control panel.


#2. Remove the screw to open the control panel

Put the towel across the top of the dryer and the bottom of the control panel. The panel will be placed on top of the dryer, and the towel should preserve the finish. There should be a couple of screws running along the control panel’s top (or back). Remove the screws using a screwdriver, or the control panel should come loose. Make use of a screwdriver with a magnetic tip. You’ll be able to avoid losing screws under the dryer if you do it this way!


#3. Pull out the control panel

Gently pull out the control panel after it has been released and place it on the towel. Find the start switch’s underside. The majority of start switches feature 2 or 3 cables connected to them.


#4. Remember the original position of the wires

To avoid a headache later, identify the wires and write down where they connect in a notepad before disconnecting them. Disconnect the slip connections from the terminals using the needlenose pliers. These easily slide off but make sure you tug on the connector component rather than the wire.


#5. Set the multitester

Set a multitester to measure ohms after removing all the wires from the start switch. On the tester, this parameter is commonly labeled R1 and RX1. Attach a tester probe to every terminal if the button has two wires. Infinity should be displayed on the tester. Push or activate the start switch or keep it there while maintaining the probes contacting the terminals. 

After that, the tester should read zero. The button is improper if it does not alter. Locate the terminal labeled NC and CT1 on a three-wire switch. Connect one of the probes to this terminal. Then locate the CO and R1 terminal and connect its other probe towards that terminal. Infinity must be displayed on the tester. The tester will indicate zero if you press or turn on the switch and keep it. If it doesn’t, the controller is defective. Just remove the old button, bring it to an electronics store for a proper replacement, and reassemble it the same way you dismantled the old one.


Basics Of Dryer Start Switch

A start switch is a momentary touch push switch that turns on the motor. After the start switch is pushed and the engine begins spinning, a centrifugal switch extends to retain contact. Specific versions with a “finishing shield” and “wrinkling avoid” feature can start your dryer after the dry phase is finished to avoid wrinkles in the garments inside the dryer drum. The internal solenoid in such start switches allows the switch to be activated without physically pushing it. You may also be interested to know about how to clean dryer vent hose.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to test dryer start switch. These tips help in trying the dryer start switch correctly, and the Dryer start switch is a necessary part of every dryer, so making it function all the time is essential. Thank you, friends, for reading this article. You may also want to read about dryer make a noise when tumbling and how often to clean a dryer vent.

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