How To Test A Fridge Thermostat With A Multimeter? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you have any idea how to test a fridge thermostat with a multimeter? Well, with just a few easy steps, you can successfully do it! Set your multimeter to the appropriate mode and connect the probes to the thermostat’s negative and positive terminals, then take note of the reading.

You may wonder why your fridge’s temperature suddenly rises and cools down. Or maybe it stays intensely cool or the exact opposite.

how to test a fridge thermostat with a multimeter

Whatever it is, it may be that the thermostat is involved in this abnormality since temperature moderation is its main function. Having one part that is failing will affect all the refrigerator components as they work altogether for the fridge to do its job. That is why you have to act before it is too late. Testing the fridge thermostat is a task that anybody can do.

However, not all are experts. In fact, everybody started as newbies, so it is important to have appropriate guidance for conducting such a job. So, dear friend, in this article, you will experience how it is to be a professional technician. I bet that fueled up your excitement, so continue scrolling!


The Role Of Thermostat On Your Fridge

Before we delve into the actual performance of testing, we must first make sure that we understand the role of a thermostat on a refrigerator. Its role is straightforward yet crucial so that your fridge might perform its purpose – to keep your foods and drinks cool. Yes, you are right! It is the temperature regulator of a fridge.

Without it, or with it but not properly functioning may cause your good to get spoiled or frozen, thus wasting so many resources.

Also, this is the operator of the switching on and off of the fridge’s compressor. It is connected to or built with a sensor that detects the internal temperature of the fridge. Detecting a low enough temperature will make it turn off the compressor, while temperature rise will do otherwise.


Steps To Test A Fridge Thermostat With A Multimeter

To be able to learn this undertaking is to save you from taking so much from your pocket. Also, you will not impulsively seek the attention of a professional in this field after suspecting that something is wrong with your fridge.

On the contrary, a little effort to check the thermostat may pave the way to solve your problem. It would help if you had a good multimeter and a basic knowledge of using a multimeter. You will succeed in answering our main inquiry, which is, “how to test a fridge thermostat with a multimeter?”.


Step #1. Investigate the thermostat control

You just maybe accidentally set the thermostat to the lowest possible temperature; that is why the goods inside your fridge got frozen. Or, it also may have switched its mode to a high temperature which made a little defrost in the fridge. If, after investigation, you have not found any fault in the set-up of the thermostat control, then that would unlikely be the culprit of the abnormality on your fridge. So, it’s time for us to go on to the next step.


Step #2. Clear up the way to the fridge thermostat

First and foremost, kindly plug out the power cord of the fridge from the outlet. You don’t want to get electrified, right? Also, in unplugging, make sure that your hands are dry. Finally, if your fridge’s performance is quite abnormal, you should transfer everything inside to a properly working refrigerator. I believe we want to fix the fridge, but we also want to preserve our stocks.

After emptying the fridge, you can now easily reach the thermostat since the obstructions have been taken away. However, since you turned off the fridge, what will happen is that the light inside will also power off, thus making it hard for you to see what’s inside. So, it is suggested to use an alternative source of light which is a flashlight.

Now, detach the covering of the thermostat – it is usually made of plastic – to contact the thermostat’s internals. For the majority of the fridges, see how fridges work; you will be required to unfasten the mode adjuster before you can victoriously detach the coverings.


Step #3. Do the test

Firstly, set the thermostat to the coldest possible option. Then, connect the probes of the thermostat to the positive and negative wires or terminals of the thermostat, respectively. You must have a result indicating a zero with this mode. Now, if it does not adhere to this situation, then something is wrong with the thermostat.

However, if it read zero then the thermostat is likely to be in a good condition.

This time, let us try testing it with the help of a functioning freezer. First, you must detach the thermostat from its place and mount it to the freezer for half an hour, with the mode set to warmest. Using the multimeter again, connect the probes to their respective partners, then check its reading. It must indicate a sign of infinitude. If it does not, then we can say that the thermostat is damaged.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to test a fridge thermostat with a multimeter. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this article. You are appreciated! Do you want to read more about the fridge? Read on how much is a fridge compressor. Thank you very much for reading!

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