How To Tell If Water Heater Is Gas Or Electric? 3 Amazing Tips!

Are you wondering about how to tell if water heater is gas or electric? Don’t worry; you have arrived at the right place. Glance within the water heater for a flame thrower after removing its access panel on the bottom. The existence of a pilot light defines the existence of gas. You have a gas heater if you notice a pilot light. Pilot lights are not used in electric water heaters.

The distinctions among power and gas water warmers are about their appearance. Both electricity and gas may be used to power traditional storage and intermittent consumption water heaters, however, the type of fuel has an effect on the prices and operation of the water heater.

how to tell if water heater is gas or electric

Electric water heaters are often less expensive than gas heaters, owing to their ease of implementation, which does not necessitate the use of gas lines or vent mechanisms. Furthermore, there is no threat of harmful gas leakage. Let’s get started to learn more!


Working Principles Of Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters, except gas water heaters, utilize energy to heat water, often using electrical copper wires. The water in the heater reservoir is chilly until the unit’s heating element warms it up. Regardless of the water heater type, such heating components or coil wires might be made out of stainless steel or copper coils. Thermostats and microcontrollers control all the modules used to regulate the heating components. Electrical heaters typically contain two heating elements, a control circuit, as well as a reset limit switch, and an upper and lower thermostat.


Working Principles Of Gas Water Heater

Natural gas is used in gas water heaters, commonly liquefied gas or propane. A pilot light starts gas at the base of the chimney, in which a burner is positioned. Heat is produced by burning, which is subsequently transferred to the water. However, toxic gas pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxides are produced due to this burning. That’s why natural gas heaters include draught funnels, ductwork, and vents to direct the gases outside and avoid them from back-drafting into the chimney. Gas heaters also include a “flue” or chimney at the bottom of the container.

This links to the inlet valve and thermostat control on the front of the tank and a gas supply line at the bottom of the container that links to the gas faucet and thermostat controller on the front of the water reservoir. There ought to be a “pilot” option on the dial indicator, indicating that it is a gas water heater. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to fix gas water heater and how to install a gas hot water heater.


Tips To Tell If Water Heater Is Gas Or Electric

Some water heaters are powered by solar energy, petroleum, or propane; the most popular types are powered by gas or electricity. The water in an electric water heater is heated when it comes into contact with big coils that extend into the tank. A burner heats the water tank in natural gas water heaters. There are various ways to detect if your heater is electric or gas, which helps you find how to tell if the water heater is gas or electric. Here are the tips on how to tell if water heater is gas or electric:


#1. Get to the heater panel

Look inside the water heater for a blue glow after removing the access panel upon that side. The appearance of a pilot light marks the existence of gas. Your water heater is a gas heater if you notice a pilot light. Pilot lights are not used in electric base water heaters.


#2. Check the electric or gas supply line

Check for an electricity supply line towards the head of the heater. This broad electrical cord is usually black or grey in color. It was an electric water heater if you notice one coming into the top side of the water heater. Next, look for a dark hose that leads to the tank’s base. It’s usually around half inches thick and dark. It is a gas pipe, which means your heater is fuelled by gas. If you are unable to find a black gas line, look for a copper pipe running into the bottom of the tank. This pipe would be inches in diameter and 14 inches thick. Again, it implies you have a gas water heater if you see it.


#3. Check the vent pipe

Mostly on top of the water heater, check for an exhaust pipe. So because the fan and motor within the heater drive exhaust formed either by gas out into the vent as well as outside, the existence of the three or four-inch pipe suggests a gas water heater. Because there is no exhaust, electrical heaters do not require a venting system.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to tell if water heater is gas or electric. It is not so difficult to find whether the heater is gas or electric we have discussed above all related things which help you in finding the gas or electric element of the water heater. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you like it. Here’s a water heater checklist that you should read!

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