How To Tell If S6 Edge Is Water Damaged: 3 Helpful Steps

If you can’t tell if your Samsung phone is affected by water damage, this article will demonstrate how to tell if S6 Edge is water damaged. 


how to tell if s6 edge is water damaged

How To Check Water Damage On S6 Edge

We use smartphones in our everyday life, but a little contact with water can cause threatening damage to our phones. If you are to solve the water damage problem, you should know how to tell if your phone is water damaged. 


Step #1. Open the SIM tray

To check water damage on your S6 Edge, open the SIM tray of your smartphone, and look on the inside. 


Step #2. Find the indicator

Check out the indicator, which is in white by default. 


Step #3. Check the color

If you see white, it is a sign that your device is safe and there is no water damage. Unfortunately, if you notice the pink or red color, water damage has been on your S6 Edge. 


Steps To Save A Wet Smartphone

Once you confirm that your phone is water-damaged, the most important thing you can do is act fast. Here are the steps you need to do to save your wet smartphone. 


Step #1. Remove the case, battery, and other parts

Turn off your phone immediately, and if your phone has a case, take it off right away. If you have a removable battery, unfasten the battery cover and take the battery, SIM cards, and SD cards out.

If your phone is water-damaged, anything that remains connected to your smartphone can become damaged by water and accumulate water inside. The interior parts are essential to the phone’s functions, and if they get saturated with water, a smartphone won’t work. 

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Step #2. Dry your phone

Wipe away any visible water using a lint-free rag or towel. You may use a microfiber cloth because that works the best. 

Use the cloth to eliminate moisture from your phone as much as possible, and ensure that you don’t push any water into the charging port, card slots, or headphone jack. 

Never use a blow-dryer or even place your phone into a microwave, clothes dryer, or other devices because the heat can damage your phone. You should also avoid shaking your phone excessively to prevent water from moving through your phone. 


Step #3. Use silica gels

You’ve probably heard of using rice, but rice can sometimes be ineffective in drying out your phone. According to a test conducted by phone dealer Gazelle, silica gel is more effective than instant rice. 

Silica gel may only work if you have a stash of silica gel packets. If you don’t know what silica gels are, these are the little bags that come inside shoe boxes that say “do not eat.”

Put your phone into a large bowl, and cover it with several silica gel packets. Wait for 48-72 hours to give the gel enough time to absorb any moisture in your phone. 

You may use crystal cat litter since it consists of silica gel, which is the best substance if you want to dry out your phone. Ensure that you use the crystal form of cat litter and not litter made from other materials like clay. 

Pour at least 1–2 US quarts (0.95–1.89 L) of cat litter into a container. 

If you don’t have silica gels, you can put your phone in a bowl of instant oatmeal, uncooked instant rice, or instant couscous. The keyword here is instant since regular rice or oatmeal won’t be able to absorb enough liquid from your phone in a short amount of time. 


Step #4. Reassemble your phone and turn it on after 2 to 4 days

Before turning on your phone, check if it’s clean and dry. Please note that you must wait until the phone is fully dry because the longer you let it dry, the more likely it is to survive. 

If nothing happens, put the phone back into the bowl with silica gel packs and give it another day or two before turning it on again. You can repeat this process multiple times if necessary. 

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Best Protective Cases For S6 Edge

As compared to Galaxy S6, S6 Edge has noticeable changes in terms of design. You can buy the S6 Edge for around $900 from Amazon Online Store. 

However, no matter how expensive and durable the build is, your S6 Edge will find drops and scratches dangerous. To help you look for the best phone cases, here’s a roundup of the best protective cases for S6 Edge. 

  • Spigen Ultra Rugged Galaxy S6 Edge Case

    Spigen Ultra Rugged Galaxy S6 Edge Case comes at an affordable price, and it is a good choice if you need rugged-level protection for your phone. This case has Air Cushion Technology meant for shock absorption when there’s a drop. 
  • Obliq Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case

    Obliq Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case has a minimalistic design that does not affect the look of your S6 Edge. It offers multi-layer protection with three metallic frames you can change according to your choice and convenience. 
  • Ringke Fusion Galaxy S6 Edge Case

    This case aims to protect your S6 Edge from drops, dust, and other damages. It provides all-around protection along with dust-protection caps. 



How to tell if S6 Edge is water damaged? Open your SIM tray, and find the indicator, which is white by default.

If you see white, your device is safe, but if you see red or pink, your S6 is water damaged.

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