How To Tell If Hot Water Heater Is Bad? 8 Surprising Signs!

How to tell if hot water heater is bad? The water heater is terrible if it leaks in the heating tank, gets older, and quickly runs out of hot water. There is inconsistency in water temperature in the shower and discolored water from the faucets.

You can also hear unusual noises in the water heater with lower water pressure which means the water heater is bad.

How to tell if hot water heater is bad

You must learn through this article more if your water heater is getting worse to save you hassle and money. It would help if you avoided the worst thing with your water heater as it breaks down. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Signs To Tell Your Hot Water Heater Is Bad

Heed these signs in mind to tell if your water heater is bad.


#1. Age

Be careful if your water heater is already old, as most companies utilize a specific label following the installation date. The missing part requires you to take the unit serial number and brand name and search online for the date of manufacture. Better yet, grab some new water heater to save money. Some units are highly efficient and heat water faster while using less energy, but the unique team takes only a little space.


#2. Water leaks in the heating tank

A leak is a sign of a terrible water heater, especially if the water drips from the pool or tank below the unit. The pipes also drip moisture in this case. Valves are not fully closed, or the connections loosen, so tighten or replace these components as much as possible, but you can fix them quickly. A leaking tank does not leave you any choice but replaces it.


#3. Water temperature coming from a shower is inconsistent

One more sign that the water heater is terrible is an uneven water temperature. Replace the thermostat if it has a thermostat problem that the broken heating elements will result in a more significant issue. It would help if you thought about your unit and its age so that it is inexpensive to replace and enjoy substantial cost savings.


#4. Unusual noises created by the water heater

The water heater breaks as the device make strange sounds that mean saying many things. For one, mineral deposits and sediments may clog the system. Plus, there is a change in the water pressure, or the water flows poorly in your home, and the connections or the valves might also be loose, so seek help from a professional to check it up and flush the system. They will tell you the noises are a failure and that reminds you to hire a professional to service it.


#5. Discolor in water from the faucets

Rusty or murky water is one sign of a bad water heater, and the tank has a coating that slows down corrosion. However, it will not last forever as the layer that gets thin causes rust from forming fast, and the rust begins to form fast after the layer gets thin. Rusty water is a sign that your tank is terrible as it does not bring harm to your health, but it likewise discolors the appliances and brings damage to their parts. It also does not taste good that a mild problem requires replacement in the anode rod as it extends the unit’s life.


#6. Low in water pressure

Low water pressure in your home signifies that sediment accumulates up a lot faster. One difference between soft and hard water is that the latter clogs the systems a lot more quickly than soft water. Low water pressure from the taps, a significant build-up in the device, are signs that the water heater is wrong and that you must get service, so take good care of it early on to extend the unit’s life.


#7. Run out of hot water easily

Particles such as sediment may settle inside the tank if you don’t flush the water heater regularly and adequately. The residue that accumulates leaves only a tiny space for the hot water, as a reason you are running out of it fast. It is a clear indication that the system is going bad.  That answers the question, how to tell if hot water heater is bad? Never leave it unfixed for a long time, or else it goes with corroded and clogged valves. You can replace the unit as the next thing to do. If yes, think about a tankless water heater rather than a conventional type.


#8. Lack of hot water

A water heater that fails is lukewarm, or hot water is insufficient. The usual operating 40 to 50-gallon water heater doesn’t find it challenging to supply two to three showers. If it has lots of minerals and sediments, it will not deliver the total capacity of the gallon. So, if the water heater does not provide enough hot water, it is one thing that shows it is terrible. You may also be interested to know about the expected lifespan of your hot water heater.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know how to tell if hot water heater is bad with the indications mentioned. It is undoubtedly a must to fix it when you notice lower water pressure. Discolor in water and inconsistent shower temperature is one thing to deal with, so prepare a budget for replacement. If you purchase a new one, you upgrade according to the efficiency and do not think twice if you think it is the key to solving your problem; thus, you will not bother heating water. You may want to read related articles; know hot water heater makes noise when heating and why does my hot water heater keep tripping.

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