How To Tell If Heater Core Is Bad? 5 Surprising Signs!

How to tell if heater core is bad? It exhibits the following signs: car smells, the car is foggy inside, the car begins to devour coolant, the cabin gets cold, and the engine gets hot, while the passenger compartment is chilly.

These are symptoms you usually often experience. Nonetheless, it still depends upon the age, the vehicle, and the health condition of the heater core.

How to tell if heater core is bad

It is also good to remember the heater core and how it affects the vehicle. These are questions you need to get easy and quick answers to immediately fix the car.  


Several Signs To Tell If Heater Core Is Bad

So, it’s time to know how to tell if heater core is bad. Below are signs that can help you tell if the heater core is rotten:


#1. Foggy inside the car

Fog is a common problem arising from a heater core, especially if the car’s interior fogs up for no reason. The meaning of “fogs up” is slight mist in the windshield. The window is somehow covered with warm and moist condensation. What happened is the heater core suddenly blows as you drive, and after, the engine warms up. The coolant leaks into the vehicle cabin, causing fog since the coolant previously sits inside the temperature and warm-regulated coolant system. It then evaporates into the steam hitting the cooler air through the car.


#2. The odd smell inside the car

That melon smell indicates the heater core is leaking. Also, this smell comes from the radiator fluid wherein the coolant leaks into, around, and outside the car. That is when you must take time looking underneath the vehicle. See the amount of the coolant it spills out onto the ground.


#3. Chilly passenger compartment

Such a chilly feel in the passenger compartment is never an indication of a damaged heater core. It also indicates the heater component or blower motor has gone poorly. But, never worry since this component is less tedious when fixed instead of the heater core. It is already a good sign of a problematic heater core if you see one of these signs other than the lack of heat.


#4. Devouring coolant

A truck, van, or car develops a devouring appetite for the coolant means a heater core is rotten. Then, you cannot tell where it will be going. That is when you must look closely at the damaged heater core. A difficult leak to find is one reason the coolant leaks into the cabin, as this is true as the system is cold and does not make fog but creates a puddle. See if the heater core is rotten on the passenger side floor. If it soaks wet, fast-food bags or forgotten shoes may be lying around there. Thus, I suspect it is a heater core.


#5. The engine seems hot while the cabin of the car is cold

A hot engine and cold place also mean a heater core is rotten. If it continues to overheat, check the status of the heater core. It can engage lots of parts inside the car. If it begins and stops emitting heat while the engine is warm, investigate further if leakage is elsewhere in the coolant, it could have more issues emanating from the car. Remember that overheating is a severe issue for the car. So, learn how to tell if the heater core is bad. All major components in the vehicle break down and wear out considering speed as it gets boiling. If it overheats, resolve the issue and fix it immediately. The temperature gauge that reaches up the danger zone does mean you do not drive it. Please tow it.


Understanding The Heater Core

The heater core is an essential part of the cooling system in a car, as it looks the same as the miniature version of a radiator. Also, this is a small radiator with a grid of small tubes, including a waffled appearance in the fins dispersing the heat, whereas the heater core enables the defroster and heater to function.


Understanding Its Function

The heater core does circulate the coolant in the small tubes. The coolant enters through the heater hose and then out of the other. It radiates the heat into the cabin so as not to freeze on the cold and winter mornings. It also responsibly allows the defroster to work correctly. It is likewise linked into the AC system organized around the same principles.


Understanding About The Location

The heater core is found behind the dashboard underneath the passenger side of the center. It has a housing or casing buried at the back of every component in a dashboard. You may also want to read about the heater core is malfunctioning.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn the answer to the question, “how to tell if heater core is bad?”  There are signs you usually would see when it begins to stress you. The job is easier to describe if it is not working correctly. If you also want, check out the manual and other auto guides. Tell your family and friends if they’re going to know if a heater core is rotten. So, they can change theirs as well. You may want to read related articles; know how to unclog heater core and how to bypass heater core.

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