How To Tell If Galaxy S8 Is Water Damaged In 6 Helpful Ways

Maybe your phone slipped on your hand and dropped into the water because you are searching for how to tell if Galaxy S8 is water damaged. Indeed, seeing your phone swimming is worrisome, for there is a possibility of malfunctioning due to water damage.

After a phone dive, check your Galaxy S8 to see if water damage must be your initial action; thus, it is essential to look at every corner of your phone and see if all functions are working. However, if you think that it is beyond your capability, you should go to the nearest phone repair shop to ease your problem before it gets worse.

how to tell if galaxy s8 is water damaged

In this article, you’ll be able to understand whether your Galaxy S8 is waterproof or not. Likewise, inclusive in this discussion are inspection of Galaxy S8 if water damaged and some interventions if the damage is confirmed.


Is The Galaxy S8 Waterproof?

Based on the Ingress Protection rating system, Galaxy S8 and S8+ were rated IP68. Hence, the ‘6’ in the IP68 rating denotes that Galaxy S8 and S8+ are entirely dust-proof.

Moreover, Galaxy S8 got an 8 out of 10 rating for water resistance and provided a higher level of protection than other phone models. With that water resistance rating, Galaxy S8 could last for 30 minutes, even submerged up to 1.5 meters. 

It was a remarkable achievement for the brand to achieve that level of waterproofing on the Galaxy S8 while retaining its function and design. However, regardless of its categorization, your phone is still susceptible to water damage in whichever circumstances.


What To Do If The Galaxy S8 Is Exposed To Water?

When performing these steps, be extra careful and don’t rush the process.


Step #1. Immediately recover the phone

To fix a water damaged phone, the first thing you need to do is remove it from the water as quickly as possible. Remember that the Galaxy S8 has a time and depth limitation because the longer it is submerged, the more damage it may suffer.


Step #2. Be aware of what you should and shouldn’t do after retrieval

After rescuing your phone, don’t act hastily, yet be mindful of your actions because you could worsen the problem. Initially, note that switching your phone off will protect your device from further damage.

Likewise, it is neither recommended to turn it on nor charge it, since the phone heats when its electronic system runs. Thus, refrain from shaking your phone to avoid scattering water.


Step #3. Detach all removable

At this point, removing everything detachable in your Galaxy S8, like SIM and SD cards, is suggested. This keeps the phone free and prevents your SIM and SD cards from becoming corrupted.

If a memory card has been damaged, read this article on how to recover water damaged SD card.


Step #4. Give it a try to dry out your Galaxy S8

The last thing you want to do in mending a water damaged phone is dry it out. However, as previously stated, avoid tilting or shaking the phone excessively to prevent spreading the water.

You may use a dry soft cloth or tissue to dry up the front and back parts of the phone. Otherwise, it is challenging to dry up the phone’s interior.

As instructed in various recovery hacks, submerging your phone in a container of rice grains will dry out the water. However, it is not recommended because dust and small grains of rice may be stuck in the point of entry of your phone.


Inspecting Galaxy S8 If Water Damaged

Before concluding that your Galaxy S8 is water damaged, it is critical to inspect every corner of your phone first. Thus, it is equally important to know how to back up water damaged phone.


1. Phone’s charging port

After performing the above steps, give it a try to charge your phone to see if the charging port is functioning. If your device is not turning on, there’s a chance that water is still on it, causing malfunction.


2. Screen

There are some noticeable signs of water damage on your phone screen. It can be a blurry screen or the visual presence of water evaporation and visible corrosion spots at ports.


3. Camera

Like a screen, it can be seen as foggy or a visual presence of water.


4. Speaker

When phone speakers have been exposed to water, it is expected to hear muffled audio or totally no sound. This is a clear indication that water has damaged the speaker.


5. Microphone

As your phone microphone gets damaged, its primary function of receiving voice sound is interrupted. Thus, the only way to fix it is through an internal repair or microphone replacement.


6. Motherboard

Finally, a water damaged motherboard is a pain in the neck because it would affect the phone system and functions as it can hinder your phone from turning on or operating.



Learning how to tell if Galaxy S8 is water damaged will help you understand your phone’s condition before interventions. However, keep in mind that the mentioned interventions above won’t work for all, so the best thing to do is ask for professionals to do the repair.

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