How To Tan Your Sides In A Tanning Bed? 3 Best Positions!

How to tan your sides in a tanning bed? Many individuals worldwide have repeatedly asked the same question.

The thing here is that there are three best positions that you can try.

how to tan your sides in a tanning bed

Well, tanning is the method to darken the skin.

This is done by exposing it to UV radiation from the sun or any artificial source over an extended period.

The first-ever indoor tanning was originally popularized in the 1970s.

To provide a lot of free time and money to relax and darken their skin color.

Some people do this for a particular reason, and tanning doesn’t harm your skin.

On the contrary, they increase melanin production and significantly enhance your mood.

Then in the later years, where technology has drastically improved.

Scientists  have discovered a new method to tan your skin with UV rays artificially.

That is where tanning beds come in.

They are devices filled with UV bulbs used to make an artificial tan on the skin by emitting UVA rays.

The skin gradually darkens as a result of this process.

However, tanning beds are considered more harmful than UV rays from the sun, which may cause big skin damage.

Now that you know a bit about tanning and what tanning beds are, stay with us.

Until the conclusion of this article to learn more about the topic.


Ways To Tan Your Sides In A Tanning Bed

The thing is that tanning beds were researched and made by scientists.

Specifically for people who need tanning when there is no heat coming from the sun on some days.

These beds emit UV rays coming from several arrays of bulbs that produce.

Also, it acts as an artificial source of heat to create a tan on your skin.

Although, according to specific publications and experts.

The rays emitted by UV bulbs of the device may be harmful to your skin, as well as raise the risk of skin cancer.

We recommend that you do not overdo it as much as possible.

And get natural vitamins like melanin produced in your skin by direct heat from the sun.

It reduces your cancer risk while also providing other benefits such as weight loss and stretch mark reduction.

And an improvement in your mood and self-esteem.

Most people prefer going out to the beach on sunny days to have a nice tan.

Though not everybody has the same schedule to do things like that.

Instead, as an alternative, they go to a nearby clinic to have a session of artificial tanning to darken specific areas that they want to tan.

So, how to tan your sides in a tanning bed?

We’ll address that question in this article, so you will not have to worry about it anymore.

Now to do this, below are a set of positions that you can follow to get your sides a perfect tan without having to worry furthermore.


Position #1. Spreading your arms

This position not only tanks your sides but also hits a part of your underarms and the inner part of your thigh area.

Now to do this, first lie on the tanning bed in a straight body position.

Then, you’ll want to spread out your arms and legs a little bit from the side to allow rays to hit.

The areas needed for tanning allow the rays to travel on your sides.

And hits your underarms and thigh at the same time.

This position will allow you to hit multiple areas at once to lessen the hassle of tanning each body part one by one.


Position #2. Tanning your stomach area

It is another position that you can use to tan the sides effectively.

Also, tanning your stomach and underarms at the same time.

To do this position, lay in the bed with your stomach facing the glass.

Then, putting both hands on top or back of your head.

That is a nice position that exposes certain parts of the body for easier tanning throughout.


Position #3. Laying sideways

Out of them all, it is safe to say that this is the most effective position.

This will only affect the side regions of your body without having to touch the other areas.

How they do, this is they start by lying flat on the tanning bed.

Then, go a little bit to the side while raising your arms and staggering your legs.

This position will help reduce tan lines on the armpits.

Eliminate the pressure points present on the back, shoulder, buttocks, and thighs.

Out of the three positions, I recommend this as the best one to do.

You can do it several ways, but we recommend that you use these three.

Whenever going for a tan on the sides to have a better one and avoid tan lines.

After you achieve that tan, make sure to clean the tanning bed to get rid of dirt and bacteria for the next person to use.

Here’s how you do it.



After all, tanning beds aren’t that healthy for your skin if you use them constantly.

So instead, you can opt to go to the beach and get a nice tan in the sun.

We also have given you a list of positions that can be useful for you when using a tanning bed.

If you only want it to tan the sides of your body.

And that is how to tan your sides in a tanning bed.

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