How to Take Out Console from Flexsteel Loveseat

Consoles for loveseats come very handily, especially for movie marathons or even just a  casual talk with a friend and you can place where you can place the food and drinks you have there. Sometimes we need extra space for the room, so one way to help make the room bigger is by taking the console out of the loveseat. If you’re having trouble doing so, this article will teach you how to take out console from Flexsteel loveseat.


It can also be a storage unit for TV remote controls, wipes for the loveseat, etc. where you can store things you need in that space to reduce visual clutter but at the same time, you can easily reach for the items when you need them. But sometimes we don’t need a console. 


Before we dive into how to take out console from Flexsteel loveseat, we must first know what is the meaning of a loveseat.


What is a loveseat?

A loveseat is one of two kinds of two-seat chairs. One style, known as “British two-seaters,” is almost interchangeable with “two-seat sofa.” It is typically equipped with two upholstered chairs. Another kind, also known as a tête-à-tête, courting bench, kissing bench, gossip’s chair, or talking bench, is any type of two-seat furniture the placing of the two seats is in an S configuration, allowing two people to converse while looking at each other and being within arm’s reach, while usually maintaining a moderate barrier between them.


What is a loveseat with a console?

Basically, a loveseat with a console is a two-seat chair that has a space in the center for a storage unit, usually a box, and drink holders. This adds storage to the space just like storing remote controls for the room’s televisions. This lessens the visual clutter of the space at the same time having the things inside it easy to reach whenever you need it. 


Now you need to know what a Flexsteel is. 


What is a Flexsteel?

Flexsteel is a furniture manufacturing and distribution business that specializes in the home bedroom and dining room furniture as well as industrial office furniture. Under the brand name Home Styles, Flexsteel also brought a ready-to-assemble range of kitchen, dining, bedroom, home office, and outdoor accessories. One of the products it offers is a loveseat with a center console. To make convenient, long-lasting furniture, they combine architecture and construction. They have shown the world their dedication to craftsmanship with our namesake Blue Steel Spring, which has worked so well since its inception that its architecture is not altered significantly in over 75 years.


What You Need


In order to solve your question, how to take out console from Flexsteel loveseat, you only need to prepare one screwdriver for this. And to make the job easier, have someone to assist you in lifting up the loveseat and its backrests.


Disassemble the Loveseat 


For you to be able to take the console out of the loveseat and answer how to take out console from Flexsteel loveseat, you must disassemble the loveseat first. 


Step 1. 

You first need to tilt the loveseat forward. By doing this, you are exposing the back of the loveseat where all the detachable mechanics are. This will allow you to easily detach the loveseat.


Step 2. 

Remove the velcro of the back loveseat cover or skin from the frame. 


Step 3.

Look for the bracket on each side of the loveseat. Pull the backrest of the loveseat from the bracket, detaching it from the loveseat’s frame. Lift it up with one hand while you unscrew the other side of the backrest to completely remove it. And repeat this step on both sides of the loveseat’s backrests. 


How to Take Out Console from Flexsteel Loveseat


Now that the backrests are out of the way, you can easily remove the center console. 


Step 1. 

Turn the loveseat upside down to show the bottom part of the loveseat. 


Step 2.

There is one rectangular metal frame on the bottom of the base that holds the console and the two seats together. All you have to do is to unscrew all the screws to remove this from the base. 


Step 3. 

Once you remove the rectangular metal frame, you can now take the center console out of the loveseat. 


Now that you have taken the console out, it’s time to assemble back the loveseat for it to serve its purpose just as a seat. 


Assembling the Loveseat Without the Console


Step 1. 

Turn both seat bases upside down and place them beside each other filling in the space of the center console. 


Step 2. 

Screw the rectangular metal frame back to the bases of both seats. The metal frame holds both seats together. 


Step 3. 

Flip the loveseat base to its original position and put the backrests back to its bases. To do this, slide the tip of the metal rods to their corresponding metal bracket and screw them back for it to hold. 


Step 4. 

Close the cover or skin of the loveseat and seal the velcro back. 



To easily remove the center console of a Flexsteel loveseat, you must first disassemble the loveseat, unscrew the metal base and assemble the loveseat back together to have a functional, console less loveseat.