How to Take Apart an Ashley Recliner Chair: 9 DIY Steps!

The Ashley Recliner Chair is a popular piece of furniture that is often passed down from generation to generation. However, like any other chair, it needs occasional maintenance and care.

In this blog post, we will provide instructions on how to take apart an Ashley recliner chair so you can keep it working well for years to come!

How to Take Apart an Ashley Recliner Chair


Steps on Taking Apart an Ashley Recliner Chair

Step 1. Before you begin, make sure to remove any loose items from the chair. You don’t want to lose anything while working on your chair!

Step 2. Turn the recliner over and look for any screws or tabs that hold it together. Remove these with a screwdriver (be careful not to strip them!)

Step 3. Now flip the recliner back over and look for any staples or nails. Use a hammer to pull them out.

Step 4. Check the foam on the seat cushion: if it feels firm, you’re done! If not, follow these instructions: remove the foam from the inside of what’s left of your chair (with the help this might be easier) then use an electric knife to cut it into strips.

Step 5. Use a staple gun to put the foam back in place, then flip your chair over and press all of the staples down tightly. Put some glue on top if you want even more stability!

Step 6. Flip your chair over and use a staple gun to attach one end of what you’ve cut off into the opening so that it looks like a long piece of material. Use this as a pattern for cutting more pieces of fabric, then pin them together at the top and staple them into place.

Step 7. Now lay the fabric pieces on your chair seat with all of the staples facing towards you, then take a needle and thread to sew along each side of it. Be sure to keep pulling tight as you go!

Step 8. This will leave four small loops at either end – use a sharp object (like an ice pick) to make holes in the loops, then use a needle and thread to tie them together.

Step 9. Finally, take your newly stitched fabric pieces off of the chair seat and cover it with an old sheet or blanket that you’ve cut up (or just have ready from when you removed your original material). This will give it a nice, finished look.

When you’ve done that, cut the fabric pieces down to size so they don’t hang over the front of your chair, then apply glue from a hot glue gun to each one and press it into place!


Tips: It’s easy as pie if you follow this pattern for taking apart an Ashley Recliner Chair.


What is Ashley Recliner Chair?

An Ashley Recliner Chair is typically purchased for the ultimate, lazy-day comfort. These chairs are equipped with a reclining mechanism to lean back into and they’re usually very sturdy in weight as well! They come in many different colors, so you can find one that matches your living room or bedroom’s decor nicely.


Types of Ashley Recliner  Chairs

There are a few different types of Ashley Recliner Chairs. The most popular type is the cloth upholstered recliner chair. These chairs have thick padding and cushions with fabric that’s usually patterned or designed in some way to coordinate with other furniture pieces such as sofas, loveseats, etc!

These chairs are also perfect for people with allergies due to the fabric not absorbing any substances and being easy to keep clean.

Another type of Ashley Recliner Chair is a leather upholstered recliner chair. These chairs are covered in real or faux leather (or a combination) that can be easily wiped down and cleaned off as necessary!

These chairs are more expensive than the cloth upholstered recliner chair and have a tendency to be more comfortable for extended periods.

Oak, mahogany, or walnut wood-stained Ashley Recliner Chair is another option! These chairs might come with additional features such as cup holders on either armrest; insulated cup holders to keep your drink cool; a built-in massage function and more!

These chairs are the top of the line for Ashley Recliner Chairs, so they come with an even higher price tag.


How to Prevent Stains on Ashley Recliner Chair

The easiest way to prevent stains on an Ashley recliner chair is to always wipe it down with a damp rag when you are finished using the chair.

Use coasters for drinks and other items that can cause unwanted damage or messes! This will help save your investment of time, money and wear on fabric upholstery.

Remove spills from the chair as soon as possible and always blot with a clean cloth or paper towel before they soak into fabric!

Always use coasters for drinks to prevent stains on your upholstery. If you are having company over, make sure that all glasses have a coaster underneath them at all times so there is no risk of a glass knocking over and spilling on your chair.

Be mindful of the fabric you are using in other rooms such as rugs, curtains, or throw blankets that can ruin upholstery with dark stains if they come into contact! It is important to keep these fabrics away from your recliner chairs at all times.

To clean your recliner, vacuum the fabric with a brush attachment and dust cloth to get any loose particles. Then use a light coat of upholstery cleaner or soap and water (either spray on or wipe down) then pat dry with paper towels before allowing it to air dry naturally for at least 24 hours before using again.