How to Take Apart a Recliner Chair: The Definitive Guide

The recliner chair is a popular piece of furniture, and they can be found in many homes. In this blog post, we will show you how to take apart a recliner chair for your home or office. This is a quick guide on how to do it properly so that you don’t damage the pieces when taking them apart.

It also contains some general information about what types of tools are required and where to find them at your local hardware store!

How to Take Apart a Recliner Chair


To take apart a recliner chair, you need the following

  • A Phillips head screwdriver. This is needed for taking out screws that hold the various pieces together. It can also be used as a prying tool if necessary.
  • A small screwdriver or nut driver for taking out screws from the arms and legs of the chair, as well as any backrests on chairs that have them. These smaller tools can also be used to take off springs in order to remove pieces of fabric more easily
  • Utility knife or razor blade. This is needed for cutting through the fabric in order to remove it
  • A medium or large inventory of zip ties. These will be used in place of screws and bolts, which you can’t use when a piece needs to have movement
  • Teflon tape (optional). For sealing the connections between metal parts and other materials that may be sensitive to the elements
  • Thread. If any of your chair’s fabric is loose or coming undone, you can use this in place of a needle and thread
  • Iron (optional) if you want to make everything look as good as new!


Steps on Taking Apart a Recliner Chair

Step 1. Put on safety gloves with grip pads for easy handling

Step 2. Lay the chair down with the backside up and remove all of the fabric pieces for easier access

Step 3. Take off a few springs from one side. This will make it so that you can flip over the piece to start working on both sides without needing to keep turning around or undoing your work

Separate each section by starting at one end and working your way down to the other end and then on to the next one

Step 4. Remove any screws from the joints that are holding it together. Make note of how many you took out so when you put them back in, they will be all lined up properly

Step 5. Take off springs until nothing is left but a pile of metal pieces with some fabric strewn about

Put all the springs back in their places by following how they were originally placed.

Step 6. Take out the metal screws and washers and put them on a clean surface. You will need to use these later when you are putting everything together again

Flip over the pieces, one at a time so that you can work on both sides. Look for any bolts that are still holding the chair together. Take them out with a screwdriver and put them on your pile.

Step 7. Flip over all of the metal pieces so you can work on both sides, until they have been taken apart. If there is an area where something seems to be missing or wrong, take it off and put it on the pile.

Step 8. If you find any bolts that are still in, take them out with a screwdriver and put them back in their place.

When your chair is completely taken apart, try to reassemble everything by following how they were originally placed. If something goes wrong or doesn’t fit properly, start over from before you took it apart.


Do recliner chairs come apart?

Yes, they do. There are a few bolts on the back and sides of an upholstered chair that you can unscrew to take it apart.

If there is no cover or cushioning, you should be able to flip over all of the metal pieces so they are not held together by anything else except gravity which will not be strong enough to keep it all together.

If you have a fully upholstered chair with springs, the assembly will not work in that way because of how tight everything is. You should find screws or bolts on either side of the back and then gently take them out while holding every other piece still so they don’t start coming loose.


How do you disassemble a Lazy Boy recliner?

The process for disassembling a recliner is not specific to one brand of furniture.

A Lazy Boy recliner will be taken apart by unscrewing the bolts on the back and sides, flipping it over so that gravity can hold all its pieces together in place; or doing away with springs altogether by loosening screws on the back and sides.


How do you remove the back of an electric recliner?

The back of an electric recliner can be removed with a screwdriver.

Insert the tip into any hole on either side and twist it until you hear or see it loosen up to allow for removal.

Some models may have screws on top making them easier to remove, while others will not need as much assistance due to how they are designed.


What are the steps in how to take apart a recliner chair?

The process for disassembling a recliner is not specific to one brand of furniture and comes as such:

First, you will need to unscrew any bolts securing it together; then, either flip it over so that gravity can hold all its pieces in place while you work or remove the armrests and any head rests; finally, carefully pull apart the back of either side until it separates.