How To Take Apart A Janome Sewing Machine: 2 Steps

If you want to know how to take apart a Janome sewing machine, consider two steps. In general, you’ll just start with the screws then covers. We’ll also discuss servicing a Janome model yourself and how you can troubleshoot it for quick repairs. 

For maintenance, do you already know how to oil a Janome sewing machine? It will benefit you to read that tutorial as well to keep your Janome working smoothly. 

how to take apart a janome sewing machine


How To Take Apart A Janome Sewing Machine At Home


Step 1. Start with the screws

  • Read the Janome manual of the specific unit you have and study its anatomy to know which areas are removable
  • Check if the machine is turned off
  • Remove all the dial knobs, then the screws on the faceplate and belt cover
  • Find the screws at the front of the unit and loosen or remove them accordingly
  • Remove the screw at the top of the sewing machine
  • Remove the screws above the needle and below the needle plate

Step 2. Remove the covers

  • Remove the front cover by loosening and taking off the screws at the back and side of the sewing machine
  • If the spots for the screws are too challenging to reach, use the proper tool such as a Phillips head screwdriver
  • Remove the spool pins and screws at varying places on the sewing machine to take off the rear covers 
  • Undo the latches if needed

How Do I Service My Janome Sewing Machine?

With the covers removed on the Janome sewing machine, you can inspect it much better and do the necessary cleaning and oiling on its parts. First, however, remember where you took off some features and group the ones that came from a similar area. You must also be careful in handling your disassembled sewing machine to avoid accidentally damaging or dismantling fragile parts. 

  • Refer to the manual of your Janome model for its recommended maintenance practices
  • Remove the parts and covers of the unit to access its interior and remove the debris buildup
  • Use a soft cloth and brush to remove dirt and lint gently
  • Inspect the bobbin area and clean it as well
  • Check if your unit requires oiling for maintenance and refer to the manual to know which parts need lubrication
  • Oil the parts that need it, such as those that experience friction, but do not use too much oil and only apply the correct product
  • Check your sewing machine for any damages or parts that may need retightening or replacement

Read this tutorial on how to service a sewing machine for more tips regarding maintenance and repairs that you can do at home. 


How Often Should I Service My Janome Sewing Machine?

You can service your Janome sewing machine at home by cleaning it after every project and replacing the needle for every 8 hours of continuous use. You also want to oil it yearly to prevent wear on the moving parts. Additionally, study the maintenance instructions in your manual or check with your Janome dealer if they offer maintenance classes. 

Besides essential home maintenance, you want to annually service your Janome sewing machine to an authorized Janome dealer. They know the correct procedures, and they have the proper tools for tuning up the sewing machine safely and keep it working well for longer. Do not attempt to experiment with your machine if you’re not familiar with its parts to avoid damaging it. 


Why Is My Janome Sewing Machine Not Stitching?

Your Janome sewing machine is not stitching or skips stitches because of several reasons. First, the needle might not be inserted correctly, or the needle itself is incorrect or damaged. You also want to check if the sewing machine is threaded correctly and has no debris around the feed dog. 


Why won’t my Janome sewing machine turn on?

If the Janome sewing machine won’t turn on, it might be as simple as an error of how it’s plugged in or if you forgot to switch the power button on. The fuses and wires might also be the issue if the sewing machine won’t run. Just make sure to bring the sewing machine to an expert if its electric components are damaged. 


Why is my Janome sewing machine jamming?

Make sure that your bobbin winder is in the correct position to avoid issues like jamming. The threads might also be tangled and need rethreading on your Janome. Furthermore, the machine should be free of debris or buildup that can congest and cause the machine to freeze. 


Why is the handwheel on my Janome sewing machine won’t turn?

The handwheel on the Janome sewing machine might be stuck because you have an incorrect tension setting. Having it too loose can make it hard to turn the handwheel. You also want to check if the machine is clean and then rewind the bobbin. 



Was this article helpful? We just discussed how to take apart a Janome sewing machine where the process is as easy as determining the screws to remove to take off the unit’s cover. However, you must check your manual, especially when maintaining your Janome. 

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