How To Take Advantage Of Puffy Mattress Warranty

Those who want to know how to take advantage of Puffy mattress warranty should understand the company’s policy further. So don’t worry because this article will discuss the Puffy lifetime warranty in more detail to help you get the most of the product. We will also talk about who is qualified and what defects are recognized by the warranty.

Are you also interested in knowing how to repack the Puffy mattress? Perhaps for a potential return? Consider reading our guide for this practice as well. 

how to take advantage of Puffy mattress warranty


What Is The Warranty On Puffy Mattresses?

All Puffy mattresses come with the brand’s lifetime warranty. This makes Puffy among the most secured and trustworthy brands to try, especially for products like beds that we expect to use for a long time. You can read more about the Puffy Lifetime Warranty on their website, but here is what’s covered with the policy to give you a quick idea.


Who are eligible for the Puffy mattress warranty?

  • Your Puffy mattress is a genuine product
  • You used the Puffy mattress on a proper frame or base
  • You are the original owner of the Puffy mattress

Who are not eligible for the Puffy mattress warranty?

  • You bought the Puffy mattress from another retailer (to avoid risks of getting a fake Puffy product, find out where to buy a Puffy mattress)
  • The support you used for the Puffy mattress is the wrong size or has damages that affected the bed’s form
  • The Puffy mattress was sold or was given to you as a gift

What does a Puffy mattress warranty cover?

  • Sagging, dents, or impressions on the bed that are higher than one and a half inches
  • Flaws on the mattress cover zipper, typically from manufacturing
  • Issues on the stitches or tears in the mattress

What is not covered by the Puffy mattress warranty?

  • Wear and tear from daily use
  • Direct damage on the mattress 
  • Issues from improper usage of the mattress
  • Sagging from a bad bed base or foundation
  • Broken zipper from usage
  • Damages on the cover from usage
  • Slight physical flaws
  • Discolorations and stains
  • Personal preference about the mattress firmness
  • Allergies and sensitivities to the bed
  • Damages from children or pets
  • Odors that are normal with mattress materials

Since direct damage from the user and general wear on the mattress are not covered by the Puffy lifetime warranty, you might wonder how long a Puffy mattress lasts. If that’s the case, feel free to read our review on what to expect with this bed’s lifespan.  


How To Make A Puffy Mattress Warranty Claim

  1. Check if the brand’s warranty covers the defect you found on your Puffy mattress
  2. If you confirmed that your bed is eligible for a warranty claim, email the company at [email protected]
  3. In the email, include the order number and the name of the person who ordered the Puffy mattress
  4. Additionally, the email must also have the description of the defect and documentation for it, such as a video or a photo
  5. You can expect a response from Puffy within seven business days
  6. Puffy also has a number you can call on their contact page

Does Puffy Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Puffy provides a lifetime warranty for their mattresses, meaning your bed is covered throughout the whole duration of your ownership. Once you sent a warranty claim and Puffy determined that it’s legitimate, you can expect a replacement mattress from the company for free. However, remember to check their warranty coverage and the defects and damages are not from normal wear or poor maintenance and use.

Are you curious if other mattress brands also offer a lifetime warranty? For example, we compared Puffy vs Awara, where they both have the same duration for their warranties. 


What Happens To Returned Puffy Mattresses?

What makes Puffy a fantastic mattress company is they don’t resell the mattresses returned to them. They also don’t throw them away that can add to landfills. Instead, Puffy donates the bed to a local charity so someone in need can use it. 

It’s also pretty easy to understand how to return a Puffy mattress if you aren’t pleased with it within 101 days. However, Puffy recommends that you try the bed for at least 14 to 30 nights to allow yourself to adjust to the new mattress. And if you’re still unsatisfied with your Puffy mattress, the return will be free, and you’ll get a refund. 


How Do I Claim A Mattress Warranty?

Different manufacturers and brands vary in requirements for their warranty claims. Regardless, always keep your receipt or any document to prove your purchase of the bed. You also want to always buy from recognized retailers to ensure that the company will accept your return. 

Since damage from usage on the Puffy mattresses is not covered by the brand’s lifetime warranty, consider knowing what kind of mattress cover to use on a Puffy mattress. In addition, proper maintenance and are crucial to keeping your mattress damage-free. 



And that’s it! In this article, we learned that you could only know how to take advantage of Puffy mattress warranty if you ensure that any defects and damages on the product are not from usage or everyday wear. You must also check if you bought the mattress directly from Puffy to guarantee its authenticity. 

We hope this warranty explanation is helpful. Feel free to browse our articles for other information regarding Puffy mattresses. 

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