How To Style Men’s Hair With A Blow Dryer? 8 Easy Steps!

Are you looking for how to style men’s hair with a blow dryer? Choose a hairstyle before starting, and then let the hairdryer handle the rest. Using the brush, hand, and hot hairdryer, style your hair in a preferred manner. Never use a hairdryer to dry your hair haphazardly.

Years of style or brushing have caused your hair to fall in a particular way. Your hair is trained to perform a specific way, regardless of how effective a grooming product is, and if you don’t address the problem head-on, your hair will revert to its old habits. 

how to style men's hair with a blow dryer

So, how can a hairdryer assist? It’s an effortless task to arrange wet hair in a different direction, giving you access to classic hairstyles and amazing things you never had before. Let’s check out more for how to style men’s hair by using a blow dryer in detail!


Steps For Styling The Men Hair With Blow Dryer

To blow-dry hair properly helps you have greater control over your hairdo. When you are using any hair beauty item before blow-drying your hair, it can reduce the amount by reducing the quantity of product you need to get the appearance you want. If you know how to blow-dry your hair correctly, it will help you get a fantastic hairstyle in a short amount of time. Well, don’t you know how to style men’s hair with a blow dryer? Here, just below, we have mentioned all the steps that assist you in styling your hair with a blow dryer.


#1. Wash your hair

Blow drying your hair necessitates heat that may fry the hair.  To assist your hair keep its natural oils, it’s better to apply shampoo and a conditioner. Breakage, Frizziness, and dryness were reduced as a result. Moisturizing creams with natural oil, like avocado oil or coconut oil, are excellent alternatives for restoring and retaining your hair’s natural oils.


Step #2. Dry your hair

After washing the hair, dry them with a towel. Blow drying your hair when it’s still damp uses more heat and might cause severe damage.  To eliminate remaining water, gently wipe your hair with a towel. Pinching, rubbing, or twirling your hair can cause it to break. If feasible, it is possible to wipe the hair with a soft T-shirt and microfiber towel. Cotton towels produce more friction and stress on your hair than microfiber towels. You may also want to read about how to dry hair without blow dryer and how to dry hair fast without hair dryer.


Step #3. Adjust the heat level 

When you start air-drying the hair, the follicles get open, maintain flexibility, and are more straightforward to manage. If you set the dryer on high heat, it only damages your hair and makes them unruly. It’s a great idea to blow dry a man’s hair on medium heat. The maximum heat setting is suitable only for solid hair; thin and fine hair sets the heat level on low mode for a week. 


Step #4. Style your hair

When hair follicles get heated, it becomes simpler to regulate, but they close up and become stiff when cold.  Set your blow dryer on the cold setting to blast your hair with cold air after it’s scorched. It gives hair follicles a gloss and helps to keep them in place. 


Step #5. Use hair products to style your hair

To keep your hairstyle in place, use hairspray. Because various products provide different effects, knowing what appearance you would like to create is critical before selecting a final item. Hair products having a gentle hold provide your hair with extra flexibility, while other products with heavier hold only make your hair stiff. Make sure you’re using the right product for your desired look. 


Step #6. Use the gel for styling

Gels are known for their firm grip and brilliant gloss. They are fantastic for completing edge or curly or wavy styles but never for looks that demand a great deal of flexibility. Brush gel through damp hair for a silky, moist appearance. Let your hairstyle blow-dry, and then apply a diffuser adapter to dry it. Put the gel in damp hair and blow-dry it with a brush unless you desire a firm grip that appears smooth. Be using a gel having a more incredible grip for thicker or rough hair. Use a milder grip gel on fine or weak hair.


Step #7. Use a styling cream for men

It is ideal for those men who have simple haircuts and wish to keep it simple. Whenever guys need a flexible grip, tame flyaways, and manage roughness, this cream helps a lot. Men who will not prefer others to realize they apply any item in their hair should use creams. Instead, use a gel or mousse if you want real influence throughout your look.


Step #8. Finish your look

The end finishes your look by applying a thin layer of hairspray to your style. Maintain a distance between your face and hair spray. Always use the spray in a circular motion to avoid the concentrate. It is sure that your look is maintained throughout the day. It can also assist in taming any remaining stray flies.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope reading this article is fun for you, especially for men who don’t know how to style men’s hair with a blow dryer. Above, we have mentioned all the steps that help you style your hair with a blow dryer. With hope, this article can style your hair at home. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us! It may be helpful to read about the important things to look for in a hair dryer.

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