How To Style Bedhead? 6 Easy Steps!

Have you ever seen a Disney princess and wondered, “how to style bedhead?”

The truth is you do not have to live in a fairytale land to pull off such a stunning bedhead.

how to style bedhead

Today, we’re going to explore various styles you can do with your bedhead.

And ponder what specific type would suit your taste.

Let us unleash your inner fashionista spirit and start styling to achieve that famous woke-up-like-this look!


How Worse Can A Bed Head Be?

From strips of hairs sticking up in the head to it staying as flat as it could ever be.

We already know how worse a bedhead could get.

As you are already aware, bedhead is a severe issue that manifests differently on every individual.

However, as different as it may seem, everyone still looks terrible when they get out of bed.

Although taking a shower is a universal solution that works well in dealing with a bedhead.

Styling it would make you look effortlessly beautiful.


How to Style A Woman’s Messy Hair?

If you wish to know how to style bedhead for women, a perfectly tousled style might be the best one for you.


Step #1. Your hair must be dry

If you intend to wash your hair beforehand, make sure to dry your hair effectively using a dryer.

Or if you have locks, make sure to use lessen grease in your hair by using shampoo in horizontal portions.


Step #2. Divide your hair

To divide your hair into delicate portions, make sure to lightly mist the dry length of your hair using a spray of your liking.

After doing so, you must set your hair by blow-drying it.

Doing this will give your hair a good structure and texture.

Next, you must separate your hair.

The strands should be medium in size and separated horizontally.

You may use large clips to secure each section.


Step #3. Curl your hair

After sectioning your hair, bring out your curling iron because we about to officially start styling your head.

In adding movements, you must hold on the bottom part of your hair.

Using your hands for a few inches away from your curling iron to help the hair curl around it.

After doing so, you have to repeat this on every strand and portion as you go in alternately.


Step #4. Add bends and smoothen ends

After curling your hair, you might want to add bends to your hair.

To achieve this, you have to work separate your hair vertically and using your flat iron work on them.

Doing this will soften your curls.

Next, you have to use the iron lightly to run it towards the bottom.

You must pause and twist the flat iron to apply slight bends.

Furthermore, instead of rotating the iron clockwise and counterclockwise while pausing, try turning it once under and once over.

Also, in the process of doing this, make sure that your iron is set in low-heat to keep your hair safe from burns.


Step #5. Finger comb your hair and twist your ends.

Grasp your curls as well as bends and rake your fingers through your hair.

To evaluate if you demand a more enhanced texture.

If you find yourself wanting extra texture, you may repeat steps 3 and 4.

However, if you find yourself satisfied, it is now time to turn your average bedhead into a classic piecey hairstyle.

In doing this, you have to give your hair mini dreadlocks by twisting your hair at the ends.


Step #6. Finish your messy hair with a fan

To complete your look and make it stay, fan your hair using one hand and use the other hand to apply spray.

Lastly, make sure to take a picture to appreciate how beautiful you are with that tousled hairstyle.


How To Style Your Beautiful Hair In Other Ways?

If you still want to explore other styles aside from the common perfectly tousled one.

Here are some alternatives for you.


Style #1. Messy ponytail

Styling your hair in a messy high ponytail may give you the look of chic with natural-looking beachy waves.

First, you have to curl your hair until your waves are nicely set.

After doing so, take all your hair and put it in a high ponytail.

To make it look more carelessly placed, avoid clipping all your hair to the same length.

Instead, leaving loose strands to frame your face would be a great idea.

You can also style your hair in a low ponytail.

After curling your hair, use a hair tie to tie all your hair while leaving a few loose strands behind.


Style #2. Tousled with Hair Studs

If your hair ranges from short to medium length, this might be the best style for you.

Separate your hair from one side and use a curling iron to create messy waves.

To complete the look, make sure to place hair studs carelessly on the sides with less hair.


Style #3. Messy fishtail braid

Styling your hair in a messy fishtail braid gives off a lovely mystic vibe.

First, you have to separate your hair into two portions.

Next, cross the lock of hair on the left side to the center.

Then, extract a small lock of hair from the right section and cross it to the center section.

Continue until you get to the tips, and if any loose strands appear, don’t try to remove them.

With all of the flipping and mussing, the result is a lovely, messy fishtail braid!


Wrapping Up

It’s the messy hair that makes a bedhead irresistible.

So, to no surprise, even artists and models strut the runways and red carpets with their bedhead year after year.

By learning how to style bedhead.

You will create messed-up hairstyles that are elegant and chic and youthful and playful.

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See you in the following article, beautiful!

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