7 Effective Ways On How To Style A Throw Blanket On A Bed

If you want to make your bedroom cozier than ever, learning how to style a throw blanket on a bed will help to do that!


There are a lot of ways to do this, such as adding layers, putting in the edge or corner, and many more.


The purpose of styling a throw blanket is to make your room look and feel comfortable.


There are some styles where it is on purpose to make the throw blanket look messy. However, be careful as overdoing it can come off as sloppy, which would not be a pretty sight.


Keep on reading as we present you ways on how to style your throw blanket on the bed and how to do it right!


How To Style A Throw Blanket On A Bed Like A Pro


Method #1. Drape over your headboard

One way to style your throw blanket is to put it over your headboard. If you have a fun textile, what better way to display it than to place it literally where anyone can see it?


Also, this can restore and give a new style to your old wooden or upholstered headboards.


You can top it off with some decorative pillows to complement the style of the blanket. Here are some throw blankets and pillow combinations that you can try out.  


Method #2. Add layers 

Make your throw blanket look bigger by adding some layers to your decor!


Start with placing a blanket as your base. It should be colored and textured neutral so it can bring out the color and print of your throw blanket more. 


Next, drape your shorter throw blanket on top of your bed blanket. If you’re worried about which pair would look good, go with some similar shades but different in texture.


Method #3. Place it at the edge of your bed

Another way you can style your throw blanket is to put it on the foot of your bed.


This is the most common and easiest out of everything in this list. You just have to fold your blanket and place it on the foot of your bed. 


If you have a king or queen-sized bed, your throw blanket may not even reach the end of your mattress. Make sure to put it in the center so it won’t look sloppy.


Method #4. Try a diagonal fold

Do a diagonal fold to make it look effortless and homey at the same time.


Get your blanket and fold it in half or thirds, depending on the size. Next, drape it onto one of the two corners at the foot of your bed.


Doing this will give you that asymmetrical that looks good and inviting. This option requires minimal effort and adds an eye-catchy tint to your room. 


Method #5. The corner throw

The corner throw will complement any interior design or aesthetics you have in your bedroom.


Please do this by folding your blanket lengthwise and then fold it again in half. Next, place it on the corner edge of your bed.


One tip when placing a throw blanket: do not fold it perfectly straight and smooth. It will look like an ordinary bed blanket.


Try to mess it up a bit to make it look more pleasing to the eye. 


Method #6. Lay it out fully on your bed

Throw blankets are always smaller than your bed.


If you have an old throw blanket and don’t want to dispose of it just yet, you can use it as a cloth tapestry or a poster. Spice up your old and tiny blanket and lay it on top of your bed.


Try to place the blanket on the center and let the symmetry give off that calming vibes all over the room. 


Method #7. Don’t fold faux fur throw

Faux fur throws are blankets better left untouched.


You shouldn’t hide those lush fur, instead, display it and drape it all over your bed. This kind of blanket is better when you leave it messy. 


Do you know that faux fur works just as well as animal fur? It lasts longer than the real one, and not to mention, cruelty-free!


What Is A Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is a decorative cloth you can use to make a particular room cozier. Of course, it is still a blanket. You can use it to snuggle up for some warmth.


The main difference between this and a real bed blanket is the size. Throw blankets are significantly smaller and thinner than the real ones, with the usual length of 50 by 60 inches.


Blankets are typically used in bed only, while throws can be used as decor for the bedroom, lounge, or any part of your home.


They usually have fun, colorful, and unique designs. The reason for this is because throw blankets are made to be seen.


They are generally made from polyester, cotton, wool, and faux fur for high-quality ones. 



Throw blankets are a versatile decor. Regardless of the weather, you can use it all year round.


While it is used as an adornment in the house, you can still snuggle up with it as you read a book or watch tv.


Although throws won’t give you the warmth of an actual quilt, they still give off extra comfort.


Now that you know how to style a throw blanket on a bed, get yourself one and design your bedroom according to your style and aesthetic!