How To Style A Slip Dress For Wedding

There are three key factors on how to style a slip dress for wedding. They are the jewelry, shoes and bag, and layers you’ll wear with slip-style dresses when attending a wedding. 

We also discuss if slip styles are appropriate for various wedding dress codes below. And if you find your style too casual, you can also read how to dress up a casual dress for a wedding

how to style a slip dress for wedding


3 Tips On How To Style A Slip Dress For Wedding


Accessories and jewelry for slip dresses

Weddings come in different dress codes, so you must know what jewelry to wear with your slip dress to style it up. Formal styles will call for chunky gold jewelry to add interest to the straightforward slip dress. 

Laidback weddings or those with quirky themes can mean you can wear colorful accessories in interesting geometric shapes or bead varieties. Think of the slip dress as a canvas; your wedding attire will look more attractive with big, bold earrings or necklaces. 

If your slip dress is on the flowy side, you want linear jewelry to add contrast to your look. You don’t want to add more distraction to your outfit since the dress itself is a statement piece. 


Shoes and bag when you wear a slip dress

Another important tip when learning how to style a slip dress for a wedding is deciding the shoes and bag to wear with it. Since slip dresses can look casual, you must opt for dressy shoes and bags. 

For example, opt for a black handbag, clutch, or shoulder bag for a chic look with your slip dress. You can also never go wrong with strappy heels or pointed shoes that will show underneath the slip dress. 

You can experiment with contrast, especially since you’re likely wearing a dark slip dress for the wedding. Opt for light bags and shoes with dark slip dresses; don’t be afraid to add texture or pattern using these accessories to your outfit. 


Layers for styling a slip dress

A slip dress is so-called because it resembles the underslip worn underneath the primary outfit. It is fitted, cut on the bias, slightly sheer, and uses spaghetti straps. 

That being said, when you wear a slip dress to a wedding, think of styles that would be modest for the occasion. This means wearing a jacket, blazer, coat, or cardigan over your slip dress to cover the shoulders, arms, back, or chest if needed, especially for a conservative or religious wedding. 

You don’t need to sacrifice your wardrobe style as the slip dress will look good with any coverups. Whether it’s a wrap like a shawl, jacket, or casual wedding, you can treat the dress as a skirt and wear a long-sleeved top to cover it completely. 


Is It Appropriate To Wear A Slip Dress To A Wedding?

You can wear slip dresses to a wedding if you know how to style a slip dress since it might look too casual or sensual. You also don’t want it to look like a bridal slip gown or in colors like white or ivory that you’d look like you’re the one in the wedding gown.

Furthermore, consider the season and venue of the wedding since slip dresses suit warmer weddings unless layered appropriately. You also don’t want its hem dragging on the soil, especially in challenging venue terrain. 

And, of course, check the dresses that the bridesmaids are wearing. Some maxi-style slip dresses may look like something the bridal party will wear. 

You can read how to dress up a maxi dress for a wedding if you’ll be wearing this long dress. 


Can I Wear A Slip Dress To A Formal Wedding?

Slip dresses come in different styles, and you can always accessorize the one you’ll wear to the wedding to fit a formal dress code. It’s better if you style the slip dress in a way that looks like a traditional evening gown, especially for black ties or evening indoor weddings with very formal attire expected of the guests. 

Avoid patterned slip dresses and opt for those in dark colors like navy, maroon, or green. A black slip dress is also easy to style to make it look suitable for a formal wedding. 

Opt for a formal bag and shoes and use dainty jewelry for a sophisticated, effortless look. And, of course, avoid plunging necklines, backs, and high slits that you can be misinterpreted as trying to outshine the bride. 

And for modesty, you can never go wrong with silicone covers for the undergarment with the slip dress. 


Can You Wear A Slip Dress To A Semi Formal Wedding?

Women can consider a slip dress for semi-formal weddings. You can choose midi or shorter styles, then add a shawl or jacket to make it more semi-formal. 

If the wedding season is cold or the venue is outdoors, you can also wear something long-sleeved underneath. But of course, select something dressy so you won’t look casual. 

V-neck slip dresses can look fantastic with fitted long-sleeved inners, or you can wear a jacket as long as the slip dress. You can also experiment with boots for a semi-formal or formal casual wedding.



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to style a slip dress for wedding, you can opt for statement jewelry, contrasting shoes and bags, and even coverups like wraps and jackets. 

The dress code and wedding venue will help you dress up or down. But of course, be modest as slip dresses can look sensual or casual. 

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